I recently posted that my quad was acting strangely in simple mode.
Basically it wold move left and right on commands from the radio but reversed backwards and forwards.
I forgot to mention that I was not using a gps.
Not sure that this matters.
1. What modes require a gps?
2. Does anything need to be done in setup if one does not use a gps?
3. Why are my backwards and forwards reversed.
4. This just occurred to me! Where should the dip switches be set? (I used this amp on a fixed wing before)

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Does it fly like that in stabilize mode too? ACM does not use the dip switches for anything I think. Perhaps you need to reverse your pitch channel in your transmitter?
Also, check if your compass gives you reasonable headings when you test it with it mounted as closely as possible to the actual flight configuration (placement). The eventual yaw gyro drift would otherwise be another headache if the compass isn't reliable.
1Only navigation requires a GPS.
2 no
3 do the radio test. The lower right (pitch back, roll right) should both equal around 4500.
4 Dip switches are history...
That did it Jason. I reversed channel 2. Not sure why it acted strangely last time. The graphic display of the input and output on the radio test confirmed my suspicion. Appreciate the help.

On what firmware were you? Beceause i am noticing strange things to. And I am trying to finde my issue. I to had my copter acting realy strange in simple mode as if my rc channel was reversed al of the sudden but after switching of simple it was normal again. Some really strange things i am trying to reproduce the issue and have all the loggings on now. I must say I first had an orange frsky reciever and I now switched to an original futaba 14channel reciever and had a good flight with no errors. 

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