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RC Crazy Motor Racing Crazy Computer Geek Electric Powered everything crazy. Own too many toys (according to wife)

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Have RC planes, cars and copters. Own a Lego NXT Love the physics behind flight and automated control.

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Craig Evert commented on Jason Short's blog post ArduBalance sneak preview
"How uncanny. I have been searching for a way to use my apm1 in a balance bot. Please tel me the code will work on a 128.
Can't wait for you to share!!"
Sep 28, 2012
Craig Evert posted a discussion
In simple and stabilize mode (have not tried anything else yet) all tests are good - quad resists moving it from horizontal and left and right stick, yaw input and vertical input from radio all behave like they should.However pitch towards me tilts…
Aug 8, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
I recently posted that my quad was acting strangely in simple mode.Basically it wold move left and right on commands from the radio but reversed backwards and forwards.I forgot to mention that I was not using a gps.Not sure that this matters.1. What…
Aug 7, 2011
Craig Evert replied to Craig Evert's discussion Power Distribution Alternative
"Helping myself to help myself "Each ESC has an on-board BEC, that makes four power sources on-board the quad. Pity we only connect one. If the PDB could be upgraded to include some Schottky diodes for isolation you would have quad redundancy on your…"
Aug 1, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
Rather than using a Power Distribution Board, is there anything wrong with the following setup?:   Join all ESC positive power wires together and to the positive of the battery.   Join all ESC negative power wires together and to the negative of the…
Aug 1, 2011
Craig Evert commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New DIY Drones product preview: the PhoneDrone board for Android!
"I was teetering between a Xoom and Ipad 2. No question anymore. It is a good time to be alive if you are a techno geek thank you!!."
May 16, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
I know it's been posted before but my experience may outsider a few more newbs to take note.I am referring to a brand new HK450GT Pro from Hobby King's retail store in Sydney. Added electronics and spooled it up in the lounge to check for…
Apr 27, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
I have just finished building my HK 450 GT Pro. It is VERY difficult to hover!How unstable are helis supposed to be without stability software?The micro twin rotor cheepies seem so stable compared to the Cyclic 400 size.Should a well setup heli be…
Apr 20, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
I have read about a solution on this forum, to the issue below but I find the coding quite daunting. I believe there must be an easier solution and was hoping someone has figured it out.Setup:APM.a all dip switches down.Hitec Eclipse7standard acro…
Apr 10, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
This is a NewB question and , yes, I have searched Google and these forums for answers.I would like to:Communicate with my Killjoy Ground StationView live first person video (FPV) with telemetry overlay (not neccesarily through Googles)Record good…
Apr 6, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
Is there a good place to learn the basics about aerial video photography from a drone. Apparently I am confused about how it all fits together. Specifically:  CMOs/CCTV   Transmission back to ground.   XBee????   Integration with Ardupilot  …
Apr 5, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
Mar 29, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
I live in Australia. This is my third post. I am convinced that I need the ArduPilot Mega kit.I would like to place a large initial order to consolidate freight over to Aus.Beyond the APM Kit, what else should I order?XBee?AntennaeRemzibi OSD?…
Mar 20, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
Newbie starting out with a grand in my pocketAssuming I have an old eclipse 6 radio, lots of receivers and servos and a lipoprotein charger, what should I get next?Plane:Motor:Ardu.......:Ground station:Software:Other:
Mar 19, 2011
Craig Evert posted a discussion
Probably for Chris since he has a history with both. I own a NXT kit but no additional sensors. I am looking at moving onto the arduino platform I have many rc planes and helis butvwouls need a new one for Uav Should I build my first Uav with my…
Mar 18, 2011