Power Distribution Alternative

Rather than using a Power Distribution Board, is there anything wrong with the following setup?:

   Join all ESC positive power wires together and to the positive of the battery.

   Join all ESC negative power wires together and to the negative of the battery.

   Connect the three wires (signal , positive, negative) from each (ALL four) ESC to the corresponding pins on the APM. 





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  • fail - didn't see the extensive replies.

  • Helping myself to help myself "Each ESC has an on-board BEC, that makes four power sources on-board the quad. Pity we only connect one. If the PDB could be upgraded to include some Schottky diodes for isolation you would have quad redundancy on your power source".


    So, if I followed the steps in my post, I would be OK so long as cut all but one red wire between the ESC and APM?



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