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Mike O commented on Graham Dyer's blog post 450 Wh/kg SolidEnergy batteries, the lightest rechargeable cell in the world?
"You need to understand how this business work. In the initial phase the manufacturer looks for strategic customers and partners. Once that has happened, production ramps up, and later in time, there might be a production surplus that a more end-user…"
Jul 30, 2018
Mike O commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Pixhawk/APM compatible Wifi radio
"Stefano, same for me, the Artificial Horizons works, but fetching parameters locks mission planner up. Strange thing is that it used to work for me, on several planes and PCs, now none of them works...."
Oct 23, 2016
Mike O replied to Richard Kennedy's discussion PX4 Pixhawk Lite V2.4.6 32Bits
"Yes, it's an incredible POS. Having 4 APM2.8 running rather painlessly, I am rather overwhelmed by the number of problems with this one. Basically too little flash memory (most boards have only 1MB, and current code is already past that), and - much…"
May 2, 2016
Mike O replied to Mike O's discussion V-tail Mixing: Wild servo throws...

thank you very much for taking the time to look into this issue. I used the Parameter Tree to avoid the mentioned problems, but I did not use the "Refresh Paraters" button.

Now I have tried using the "full parameter list" and the refresh…"
Nov 30, 2015
Mike O posted a discussion
I'm just installing an Arducopter v2.8 with Plane 3.4 loaded in my V-tailed Talon. Radio with standard outputs and mixing in the FC.Everything does as it's supposed to, BUT the rudder and elevator throws are huge. When I check the Mixing_Gain it…
Nov 29, 2015
Mike O commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Review of new EasyStar II for UAV use
"In Continental Europe the price difference between the ES2 (kit @ EUR 65) and the Bixler ($ 51also as kit, no motor, servos etc) is rather limited."
Jul 22, 2012
Mike O replied to Mike O's discussion One of four ESCs getting hot
"Darn - you're probably right! I didn't think of the (linear) BEC function at all.  :-)
Oct 13, 2011
Mike O posted a discussion
After some 5-8 minutes of flying my quad, I noticed that one of the ESCs is getting a little warm, whereas the other 3 are close ambient temperature.The quad flies well and as stable as my skills allow.The quad is completely symmetrical with 4…
Oct 13, 2011
Mike O replied to Craig Evert's discussion Power Distribution Alternative
"fail - didn't see the extensive replies."
Oct 13, 2011
Mike O replied to Mike O's discussion Power vs weight ?
"Thank you for your feedback and advice! This is how my quad look today. Still a bit prototype, but I think you get the drift. Total rtf weight 520gr.
Part of the KK board behavior puzzles me: after start-up calibration, the quad sometimes rotate…"
Sep 18, 2011
Mike O replied to Mike O's discussion Power vs weight ?
"Just got a set of 7x4 props: That did the trick; Thrust to weight is much more balanced now. Hovering at 40-50% throttle. Now, I just need to learn to fly it :-)"
Sep 14, 2011
Mike O replied to Mike O's discussion Power vs weight ?
thanks for your input - I probably went a bit overboard with the motors, but 1400kV sounded conservative to me, as I'm used to RC cars :-)
The motors are "Turbojet" brand from HobbyKing, and they are not listed in the calculator, but…"
Sep 5, 2011
Mike O posted a discussion
I recently got my KK-board based quad to fly. Very few problems after reading the manual :-) The biggest obstacle to longer flights seems to be my lack of flight experience. The copter is a simple homemade 8mm alu-tubing frame of 102gr, four 1400kV…
Sep 5, 2011
Mike O replied to Mike O's discussion RC transmitter mixing instead of flight controller?
"nubli, hikkakaru,
thx for your replies. I have just ordered a KK board, which seems to be the most inviting option for me at this level."
Aug 9, 2011
Mike O posted a discussion
Hello all, I'm new here, so bear with me, pls :-) My background is RC cars and boats, and very little flying, but I want to get more involved in flying. Preferably with helicopters and possibly with a FPV system. The Quadrocoptors has caught my…
Jul 27, 2011