3689727205?profile=originalWe've seen the claims before, 10x, 5x, 3x the energy density for some new wondrous cells.

Panasonic 18650GA cells have a gravimetric density of 224 Wh/kg allowing some fixed wing drones to achieve 2+ hours of flight, these new SES cells claim 400-500 Wh/kg and are apparently available for sale now.

Could we see a 1 hour multirotor flight as normal soon?

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  • You need to understand how this business work. In the initial phase the manufacturer looks for strategic customers and partners. Once that has happened, production ramps up, and later in time, there might be a production surplus that a more end-user oriented sales channel can distribute. Right now, they most likely do not have the capacity to answer every hobbyist adressing them with all sorts of requests...

  • Same here. Sent them several emails but no reply.

  • I think it is fake, I tried to contact them, no reply and no phone number.
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    3.8V cells, 4.3V fully charged, just like DJI PH3, Mavic, etc. Wonder when these will go into the next commercial drone, DJI must be looking at them very carefully! And perhaps a bit of salivating...

    Is a 1 hour Phantom 5 / Pro nearly here?

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    = 11.4V, 3.4Ah. To get more capacity you'll need to parallel cells.

  • The Hermes spec sheet says they are 10C.

    Each cell is 3.4 Ah at 3.8 V. So, if I make an 11.4 V battery out of three cells, will that still be 3.4 Ah, or is it 10.2 Ah?
  • Probably real good for a efficient long endurance fixed wing, but not so much for a copter. While the energy density doubles, the maximum C rating is one fifth of the best copter batteries, only 2C. You would still be pushing C limits, but my 650 quad could go well over an hour with these cells, 4s10p. If it didn't go that long then the bat is to small and exceeds C limits. Interesting.

  • This seems similar to a Spanish company called Grafphenano. The company announced batteries of 1000Wh / kg based on Graphene. Now they are condemned for fraud.

    The funny thing is that these projects are very profitable, more profitable as less technically possible, because when you do not have to take into account the technical feasibility then you can come up with really amazing things.

  • No prices.  No way to buy a finished pack.  DIYDrones needs an editor with some posting standards.

  • don't forget these guys:

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