I am running MP 1.3.25 build 1.1.5589.39444

When trying to build a waypoint mission in Colorado (plane is not connected), I add a single waypoint.

My goal after that first waypoint is to add a Loiter command and have it go 4 turns around that waypoint.

Then click 'Add Below', it adds a new waypoint in the southern Atlantic ocean off the west coast of Africa!

It does not matter how many waypoints you do add, as soon as I click 'Add Below' for any one of those waypoints, the new WP gets added in a galaxy far far away. 

If I do another 'Add Below' after the last WP, in an attempt to do a 'Return to Launch', same problem. A new waypoint gets added with a huge distance, like this one: 



Thanks for reading, and any recommendations.

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  • Developer

    if you want a loiter, right click and user loiter from the menu

  • Thanks Gary.  Am I doing this right?

     I just added a new waypoint, which put it at the end of the WP list. Then I used the 'up' arrow to move it just below WP 3. Then I changed its function to LOITER_TURNS, and set it to 4 turns. And made sure it is at the same altitude as WP 3.  

    Planning to do more mission flight testing tomorrow.

  • Moderator

    Click on the map to add a waypoint rather than adding below, adding below adds a waypoint at 0 0 0 0 which is that place off the African coast that you mention. 

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