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FireFlyer451 replied to REAPER's discussion Connecting a FLIR VUE infrared camera on a solo in 3DR SOLO
"Once you get the FLIR Vue telemetry cable connected to the Pixhawk, what can you do with it?  I've attached the cable diagram. I see the PWM cables, and you can choose in the Android App what you want these PWM connection to do. But I would like to…"
Jun 10, 2016
FireFlyer451 replied to Alex's discussion FLIR Vue Pro - geo referencing photos
"I am interested in this too. I have asked FLIR themselves to provide some concrete documentation on their 'mavlink integration' but I'm getting nothing but nothing from them. Frustrating, they charge ~$2500 for the FLIR Vue Pro camera and are…"
Jun 9, 2016
FireFlyer451 replied to FireFlyer451's discussion Can someone explain how Overshoot & Leadin work - MP 1.3.38?
"Thanks, will do.  Not quite sure which website is the active one or not. I still see a lot of activity here on DIYD."
Jun 2, 2016
FireFlyer451 posted a discussion
I am using MP 1.3.38 and in the Auto WP / Survey / Grid Options there are various settings for:1. Overshoot[m] (this appears twice)  and LeadIn[m] - I would appreciate an explanation of how these work when planning my missions.2. Copter Options -…
Jun 2, 2016
FireFlyer451 replied to FireFlyer451's discussion MP view of Overlap when using /AutoWP/Survey/Grid V2?
">>Grid V2 was a beta experiment
Thank you for that info, I did not know that. Hmm, V2 is pretty quick and easy but if it is not really going anywhere I will focus on V1."
Feb 27, 2016
FireFlyer451 posted a discussion
1. I like using the Grid V2  method a lot. But is there a way to view the Overlap and Sidelap, and adjust them, when using this method of flight planning?2. In 'Grid' , and 'Simple' tab, there is a checkbox for 'Camera top facing forward'.  Is this…
Feb 26, 2016
FireFlyer451 posted a discussion
Good afternoon,I am curious to know how RTH works in the APM Rover system? Specifically, if RTH is engaged does the rover try to drive directly back to 'Home'?  Or does it return by reversing its original course up to that point in time?It seems…
Dec 18, 2015
FireFlyer451 replied to Bernardo's discussion Mission Planner v.1.3.32 (APM 2.5) problem, screen bleach out and *not responding* error
"I just installed 1.3.33 and Norton antivirus is asking me if I want to give MP access to port 2300?  Not sure about this, plus the "Not Responding' messages. I deleted and reinstalled 1.3.32 for the time being."
Dec 8, 2015
FireFlyer451 posted a discussion
I found the file: cameras.xml  in the MP folders, but is there any documentation anywhere describing how to actually add a camera?  Or do you just cut/paste the XML and figure out the fov, image sizing, etc?Thanks
Oct 22, 2015
FireFlyer451 commented on Jesus A's blog post SAMSUNG NX2000 (different trigger than rest of NX series) Trigger from APM/Pixhawk
"The NX500 has a built in intervalometer, why not just set it to take photos every X seconds and be done with that?  It can take photos starting at every 1 second.

Just curious why the trouble for a circuit like this?"
Oct 15, 2015
FireFlyer451 commented on CSGShop's blog post UBLOX NEO-M8N GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS receiver EVAL module ready for purchase
"FIXED: So I loaded the 3DR configuration file found here:   http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-optional-hardware/common-po...

Once I did this my UCenter stopped seeing satellites through this GPS.  But when I connected the GPS to the Pixhawk…"
Jun 24, 2015
FireFlyer451 replied to FireFlyer451's discussion Creating East/West oriented grid?
"Thank you Michael, that clears it up.  "
Jun 23, 2015
FireFlyer451 posted a discussion
Good morning,I would like to know how to create my AutoWP / Gridv2  with the flight pattern going east to west? Or some other method of creating an east/west grid flight. I am using MP 1.3.30 Right now I am creating and flying Gridv2 waypoint…
Jun 23, 2015
FireFlyer451 replied to FireFlyer451's discussion Flight Plan - 'add below' - new waypoint is a HUGE distance away
"Thanks Gary.  Am I doing this right?

 I just added a new waypoint, which put it at the end of the WP list. Then I used the 'up' arrow to move it just below WP 3. Then I changed its function to LOITER_TURNS, and set it to 4 turns. And made sure it…"
May 6, 2015
FireFlyer451 posted a discussion
I am running MP 1.3.25 build 1.1.5589.39444When trying to build a waypoint mission in Colorado (plane is not connected), I add a single waypoint.My goal after that first waypoint is to add a Loiter command and have it go 4 turns around that…
May 6, 2015
FireFlyer451 left a comment for FireFlyer451

Are you Army at Camp Navajo? If so you might have other options to get an aerial observation platform. So let me know your position/organization. It matters to the FAA regulations I point you at. If not Army, you will have to follow the…"
Sep 10, 2012