How easy to fly?


I was curious to hear from pilots with comparison experience using ArduPlane as an autopilot, vs. other autopilots?  I just built an ArduQuad copter and have it flying. Not far but after crashing it a few times I'm getting the hang of it  ;-) .  Now I am curious about a fixed wing build, with the APM 2.0/Arduplane as the flight computer. 

I don't have any experience flying an RC fixed wing, just the multicopter so far. Just wondering if the APM/Arduplane really makes for an easy flying experience?



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  • I agree with the recommendation for a simulator. Even a cheap simulator with non-perfect physics will be very useful. Of course it's best if you pick a sim that actually has a model of whatever plane you choose.


  • Mike,

    I can't compare APM to any other autopilot. But I can tell you, APM can't compensate for your lack in flying skills!

    I'd suggest you to get a flight sim and practice until you feel confident to launch a real plane. Then get yourself an Easystar or Bixler or whatever and fly it with the standard setup. As soon as you reliably manage a soft landing, a loop, a roll, maybe inverted, then you can think of adding APM.

    If you crash an Easystar with basic equipment, you lose a few bucks in the worst case. If you crash it with APM, you might lose quite a bit more. And you will crash it, with APM or without. Everyone did... :)

    Just my 0.02 swiss francs :)


  • For my experience, I haven't doubt the best for beginers, is easyglider or easystar, of this models there is imitations that can work fine many people use thats imitations.
    These models allow many driving errors and simply following the mounting intrustrucciones provide excellent performance, there are also many users who modify them for multiple purposes with great success.
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