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Chris Reinhardt replied to Søren Kuula's discussion Plane flew into tree - strange erratic flight
"From Leimbach to Rote Fabrik, that's quite ambitious, considering that you have to keep visual contact with your drone :)
I lost an EasyStar a few months ago, with similar symptoms. You can read about it here: Hardware or software glitch? -…"
Aug 3, 2012
Chris Reinhardt replied to FireFlyer451's discussion How easy to fly?
I can't compare APM to any other autopilot. But I can tell you, APM can't compensate for your lack in flying skills!
I'd suggest you to get a flight sim and practice until you feel confident to launch a real plane. Then get yourself an…"
Mar 16, 2012
Chris Reinhardt replied to Andre K.'s discussion Please help:Auto mode fails to fly to next WP (screenshots attached)
"One thing: Did you try to redownload the mission after uploading it to APM? Clear the mission in MP, then click "Read WPs".
This is just to make sure the mission is really completely uploaded to AMP. I noticed that missions sometimes are being…"
Mar 13, 2012
Chris Reinhardt commented on Struktur3D's blog post Initiating Micro Quad Copter Build
"Hi Terence, nice to see someone building this. I hope you will update with more pictures as you progress.
I want to order one too, but I'm considering getting slower motors with larger props. I'm wondering if it would be possible to fit 6 inch props…"
Mar 12, 2012
Chris Reinhardt replied to Chris Reinhardt's discussion IMU shield repair advice needed
"Thanks Marcos and Zach for your replies.
I replaced the relevant components and ran all tests multiple times. Unfortunately it doesn't start up reliably, gyro calibration sometimes just does not happen. It makes a difference if I put pressure on the…"
Mar 11, 2012
Chris Reinhardt replied to Andre K.'s discussion What's meters, what's feet ?
"Both parameters are entered in meters.
See http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/MAVParam"
Feb 17, 2012
Chris Reinhardt replied to Chris Reinhardt's discussion Crash Investigation, ArduPlane 2.28 on APM1
"Something else
I opened another thread regarding repairs on the IMU shield. I didn't get feedback there. Maybe someone with some technical knowledge of APM1.0 could take a look at it?
Lessons learned

First of all, don't rely on your autopilot.…"
Feb 17, 2012
Chris Reinhardt posted a discussion
Hi everyone!I need your opinion on why the following might have happened.Last weekend I had a nasty crash with my EasyStar and APM1.0, using ArduPlane 2.28 and MissionPlanner 1.1.19. On that day temperature was between -10C and -5C, light wind and…
Feb 17, 2012
Chris Reinhardt posted a discussion
Hi everyone!I had a nasty crash last weekend. (More to follow…) Now my IMU shield needs some repair :) Fortunately it still boots up and the imu test results make some sense. Here's a pic of what has gone missing on the board plus my thoughts about…
Feb 13, 2012
Chris Reinhardt commented on Arthur Benemann's blog post APM SketchUp Model
"Very nice model indeed!
There is another 3d model of APM/Oilpan and a few other things at http://grabcad.com/library/ardupilot-mega in Solidworks and STEP/IGES format. Not as detailed of course, but dimensions are accurate and sufficient for a quick…"
Feb 10, 2012
Chris Reinhardt replied to flying's discussion No altitude data from arduplane 2.27 flight log
"Same problem here  with Arduplane 2.27 and MissionPlanner 1.1.20.

My first flight with Ardupilot, actually. Now, if I only could plot the goodness in all it's glory :)

BTW: Is conversion from .log to .kml only possible once on downloading from…"
Jan 11, 2012