No altitude data from arduplane 2.27 flight log

Im not sure if this problem is due to arduplane 2.27 or mission planner..


somehow when i retrieve the flight logs from APM(converted to .kmz) and open them in Google Earth, the flight paths are all there.... but there is no altitude data at all. Its just flat on the ground.

I've checked the .txt file donwloaded from APM, and it contains altitude data for each dataset.


Might this be a conversion problem? From .txt to .kmz.. somehow the altitude data was ignored?


And this problem only occurs in arduplane 2.27, not 2.26. Im guessing that its due to the way the logs are recorded?



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  • Developer

    I have changed the way colors are selected, this makes it simpler. Each patch is colored accordingly to the APM mode. A folder for the patches is added too to be more organized.

    Playing with patch on the KMZ files I found that setting the Area mode (on Style/Color) to solid, and transparency to 25%, gives a much better patch. This mod can be made on the KML file inside of the KMZ (use winrar on the KMZ) by adding the line: '<outline>0</outline>' , on the tag <PolyStyle>. I have added 2 files showing a original flight, and the one with solid filling. Is a strange flight because the plane broke in mid air.

    I could add this to the Mission Planer code, but the KMLib.dll file is locked.I need to add the 'outline' to the file .How can modify these file? 

    The google reference for this property is here:



    solid fill - Copy (2).rar

  • Developer

    Problem fixed. The compiler I used is Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, I just had One problem about some license needed to compile the code. I found a bypass on the net and it worked.

    The problem was on line 358 on the exact place I described later. I don't know if i can upload to the main code, but the fixed file is annexed.

    It also has a new way of coloring the KMZ patchs, instead of going trough a list of colors it selects a color for each flight mode. I found this more useful.


  • Same problem here  with Arduplane 2.27 and MissionPlanner 1.1.20.

    My first flight with Ardupilot, actually. Now, if I only could plot the goodness in all it's glory :)

    BTW: Is conversion from .log to .kml only possible once on downloading from Ardupilot or will I be able to reconvert from the downloaded .log-file as soon as a working converter is available?



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    I had the same problem yesterday. The log browser has the same problem.

    It seems to be caused by a new column was added to the log, in the MIX_ALT place, filled all with zeros. This way all the data after the MIX_ALT column is parsed incorrectly. The null column is read instead of the altitude data.

    Peaking at the code i might have founded the problem. At line 345-348 of file is this:

     345                 double alt = double.Parse(items[6], new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US"));
     347                   if (items.Length == 11 && items[6] == "0.0000")
     348                      alt = double.Parse(items[7], new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US"));

    It seams that line 345 is the old code, and 347-348 are a fix for this new kind of log. Because column 6 is the added zero column, and ALT data is now on column 7. The problem should be on line 347, probably on this part  'items[6] == "0.0000" ', since the column is logged as 0 and not 0.0000. The line should say  ' items[6] == "0" '.

    I have annexed a log file with this problem. It's the default log from the arduplane 2.27 downloaded with Mission Planner 1.1.18.

    I don't know what compiler to use to build the Mission Planer code to test this, so if someone can tell me I would be great full (preferably a free one). I'm new to the code, but I want to help.

    And great work with the ArduPilot, it's awesome.

    2012-01-06 05-15 5.rar

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