Please see the strange behavior as the plane goes away from the next waypoint, instead if trying to reach it . (the wind may cause it to turn extra fast, but the PID's are fine enough for a reliable RTL from any direction)

What's wrong ?

Screenshot ap.png

Screenshot at 2012-03-10 12:14:10.png

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  • Hi,

    There's talk of planes but also of ArduCopter in this thread...

    Which aircraft firmware is it really, and which version?

    Andke can save the mission to a file and attach that?

    Regards Soren


     I also have problems with way point. It goes to WP1, but would not continue to WP2. I attach 2 photos.

    Wp is also missing in the list of possible "Set WP". I have also written the WP and read them back to be sure they were loaded.




  • One thing: Did you try to redownload the mission after uploading it to APM? Clear the mission in MP, then click "Read WPs".

    This is just to make sure the mission is really completely uploaded to AMP. I noticed that missions sometimes are being uploaded only partially. I suspect it has to do with manually adding waypoints in the middle of an already existing track. Or with rearranging waypoints or something.

    Using this procedure, I found that the mission stored on APM had not much to do with what I had uploaded before. It happened to me only once in real life, but at different occasions in the HIL sim with x-plane. I didn't find time to investigate this any further, it's only what comes to mind after reading about your problem.

  • updated the bugreport with more logs.

    please tell me if you have experienced anything like it, or know what's going on.

  • Andke,

    Im having a similar problem which i cant explain. With my problem, however, autopilot function only seems to work if i set GOTO WP... 3 or higher. If i simple order RESTART MISSION or try to perform an auto takeoff the plane will just pick a seemingly randon heading and fly that direction at the directed alt. The orange vector line that shows the next waypoint continues to point to the next (desired) waypoint. I never saw this behavior until i upgraded the planner software and therefore the arduplane software.

    By the way, all of my experience is strictly with hardware in the loop sim, i have yet to fly.

  • actually - it does not seem like AP does anything, the "going away" is just a result of no input in wind.

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