Connecting a FLIR VUE infrared camera on a solo

Does anybody know what is the best way to connect a FLIR infrared camera such as the FLIR VUE on the solo? I would like to attach it on the gopro h4b so when one moves the gimbal it moves the gopro and the FLIR together. I also want the FLIR to display fpv on the tablet and be able to switch back and forth the fpv display between gopro and flir and record raw HD video and stills on a memory card or stick like you can with gopro. Also, where is the transmitter on the solo where I could maybe attach to the cable coming from the FLIR to transmit the IR video to the soloapp? And then, how could I activate the switch between the FLIR feed and gopro feed using the solo controller or the soloapp? Check out the PX-IR from! That is pretty much what they did using a sky-hero 450mm frame on a 3dr Pixhawk.

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  • Here is an update on the thermal discussions.

    The AV2HDMI boards works great, used a HDMI C to micro adapter to plug directly into the Solo's HDMI external plug.

    Just has a lot of extra parts to carry, not heavy but just multiple parts.

    On the older TAUs, a friend may build a board that will convert and also allow PWM signals to change settings on the camera and zoom.  He already has one for his camera now, his board would just need to be upgraded to convert signal over.  The BT656 signal should be easily converted.  More to come on that in the next few weeks.

    For the VUEs, this same board might work as well but may require a slight rebuild.

    The Vue Pro will be sweet, it sounds like everything we need is built in(beside converting)  MAVLink, geo-referencing, video/picture mode switch etc..3702113912?profile=original

    • Once you get the FLIR Vue telemetry cable connected to the Pixhawk, what can you do with it?  I've attached the cable diagram. I see the PWM cables, and you can choose in the Android App what you want these PWM connection to do. But I would like to understand what the telemetry connection provides.  When I contacted FLIR and tried to ask them about the 'Mavlink Integration', they said 'don't ask us, please ask the Mavlink experts'.  Pretty frustrating if you are starting out, and faced with spending $2.5K for a device that is not clearly documented.  Thanks for any input.


    • Looks good!  Just for clarification, the 3.33V and GND on the bottom of the image are for powering your thermal camera?

      Did you ever make a mount?  Hooking in to the expansion port 5V or the gimbal 5v power would be nice to keep things clean.

    • The 3.3v can power my camera but it is not very clean.  I just marked most of the connectors that I found for anyone's reference.  Working on a 3D Printed ball turret gimbal that will house the converter board, thermal camera, PFV camera, video switcher and possible 2s battery.  All depends on final weight.

    • Thanks for the report!

  • Ok, finally got the parts and the time to test.

    Micro HDMI Adapter

    Porta HDMI Converter

    ICI Core Thermal

    First test, everything works as expected.

    Next I will either solder a smaller connector to the board or just do a cable mod.

    In its current state it is just to long for a small airframe.  With all connected (5+ inches long)

    This doesn't help the VUE guys but hopefully it will help the analog thermal folks.

    I may design and print a camera bay with everything inside like this

    • Not pretty or focused but it works!!!


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    I have a Flir Tau2 coming with the VPC module, and am considering picking up a Solo as well. Not sure I want to go through this process to get it set up on the Solo. I might leave the Tau for the custom built drones with Analog Vtx

  • For mine being an analog thermal this should not be an issue.

    I will remove the RCA connectors, solder the video cable to signal and ground.

    Remove the HDMI C connector and solder a short pigtail connector to the 19 pins for the Solo HDMI.3702076263?profile=original
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