suddenly I got a *not responding* error with the effect with the screen whitens and MP freezes.

After reinstalling several times the Mission Planner, it still happens.

Then I restored the whole PC to a earlier point and reinstalled MP again. Still have this error after some clicks or using Mission Planner.

(WIN7 Ultimate, 64, 16Gb Ram, MP version: latest for APM 2.5, please see the attached pic) 

This never happened before. :(

Is there a fix .... or a cure?

MP not responding 2015-11-20_131506.jpg

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                  • Ok, I deleted the config.xml file

                    Started MP. Clicked randomly the menue:

                    Still freezes :(

                    Pls find the new config.xml and missionplanner.log files from after the recent crash  attached



                  • Developer

                    can you delete config.xml from the MP directory.

                    and try

                  • Appreciate your help :)

                    Yes, I can "force" and repeat the error by clicking and or dragging the MP screens around. Sometimes MP freezes inmediately, sometimes  a little later.

                    Ok, I unplugged the KORG device (a music work station) but  the issue is still there, even after I - just in case - uninstalled all the related software and drivers from Korg.

                    Please find the todays MissionPlanner LOG file attached.


                  • Developer

                    you have a device

                    Product:KORG USB-MIDI Driver for Windows

                    Company:Korg Inc.

                    Description:KORG USB-MIDI Driver

                    please try unplugging it.

                  • Developer

                    could you also upload your missionplanner.log file. just after it happens

                • https://www.dropbox.com/s/72js4veieyotju6/WER81C6.tmp.mdmp?dl=0&amp...

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    • Developer

      please try installing ffdshow codec

      • Ok, i reinstalled ffdshow.

        No changes :(

  • I have a CX 20 I cannot get the blades to unlock what mission plan or can I download to help me please
  • I just installed 1.3.33 and Norton antivirus is asking me if I want to give MP access to port 2300?  Not sure about this, plus the "Not Responding' messages. I deleted and reinstalled 1.3.32 for the time being.

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