Flight surfaces go max roll and pitch down

I am haveing a wierd problem that I have not seen in the troublshooting.

I am new to this. I set up everything and all seem right. I launch the plane in manual and fly a bit. I then try Stable mode. At first it seems good but then all of a sudden it goes full right and then pitch down with full power. I take over in manual and take it back. The next flight it went better after some changes to the gains. so I tried FBW B and for about 3-4 mins it went really well, but then it does it again. Then I can not get it in stable mode or FBW B again.

I have 2.2.8 ardupilot installed and GCS MP 1.1.30 to upload data. I don't have telemetry yet but will have it up and running next week.

Any help or insight in the direction I shoud go to correct would be greatly appreciated.



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  • I tried the plane with the new ESC and yeah it worked great.... never reset and the APM did great in 18mph winds... Not the best conditions for flying but it tested the gains. I dod think that the Nav gains are too high.. here is the log. Chris can you take a look at it. I value your opinion on this matter...

    Thanks For all your help so far...

    2012-02-04 01-07-23.tlog

  • 3D Robotics

    Please post logs. You've probably got a wiring issue, but it's hard to evaluate without data.

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