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Hi All,

I'm currently developing a "Flight Termination System" that will be used as part of a competition entry ( see links below), and I thought others might like to be involved....  and/or the DIY Drones team might like to consider this my way of "getting involved" in their development effort.   :-)


My working methodology is actually to re-use a second separate APM hardware PCB ( minus the oilpan, but with a GPS) , and write custom code to turn this electronics platform into a system that detects when you cross a programmed safety  "geo-fence" (ie GPS boundary) , and then allows you to take an appropriate safety action.  ( eg bring the aircraft down in a spin, or deploy a parachute, or  similar flight-termination behaviour ).     There is also the intent to make this system ground-triggerable via a wireless link.


I decided on the APM hardware, and a heavily hacked/modified version of the ArduPlane code because the system needs to:

* passthrough servo signals verbatim , except when terminate occurs.   ( APM hardware/software multiplexor supports this, with appropriate code, when I finish writing it )

* support loading up GPS points for the "geofence" ( exactly like the APM Planner and mission waypoints, but instead of them being flight targets, they are flight boundaries )

* support ground comms via a radio link, etc.   ( mavlink!  need I say more? )

* support linking to its own GPS module ( already does it!) 


Anyway, the hardware is such a perfect match for what I wanted to do, and the software is open and hackable, that I though this is perfect route!  


Anyway, I've started working on the code, and I call it "ArduTerminator".   :-)  


Here's the competition criteria we are working towards:

" •    The device must be onboard the aircraft and be a completely independent device from all other onboard systems (separate power supply, processor, etc).
•    The device must be able to command the servos to the servo positions as listed below, OVERRIDING any other onboard system.
• The device must be able to be activated from the ground by the UAV Controller at the command of the judges or Range Safety Officer.
All points above must be demonstrated to the scrutineers prior to the mission flight. The flight termination servo positions for fixed-wing aircraft are:
•    Throttle closed; •    Full up elevator; •    Full right rudder; •    Full down on the right aileron; •    Full up on the left aileron; and •    Full flaps down (if applicable)."




I'm a team-lead for one of the teams in this years Australian UAV challenge:











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  • Developer

    My Code will be at the following site shortly:   ( uploading now, so check back in a couple of hours or something ) ,see the 'ArduTerminator' folder inside:

    A clone of ardupilot-mega from google code , with a number of personal additions of dubious quality - davidbuzz/ardupilot-mega-buzz
  • Developer

    I guess either no-one is interested in my suggestion ( or code), or I got overlooked?    


    Anyway... I now have working code available if anyone is interested.  (it's early days, but it terminates when it should ) :-)


    email me ( davidbuzz at gmail dot com ) or reply here and if I get enough interest I'll put the code up someplace ( eg github ? )

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