Flight Time Stock Iris Battery

Not sure what flight times everyone is getting with the Iris and the battery that comes with it, but I seem to be very low on flight time.   I am flying the Iris with a freshly charged battery with extended legs installed.  I have not put my gimbal on as of yet.   Today I went out for a short flight as I am checking everything is working well before I put my Gimbal on.   I keep an eye on mission planner and noticed I had dropped to 10.8 v in just over 6 minutes.  I was flying slow the entire time.  

I would like to know what others are getting with and without the Gimbal and also if anyone has changed to a different battery that may provide longer flights.  I was hoping for around 10 minutes with the gimbal and Gopro?


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  • see this thread link1 and this one link2. The issue is the stock batteries. 

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