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Hey everyone, new to the forum. I am a ME/AE at the University of Florida doing a project on building a UAV for wildfire surveillance.We need an infrared camera and the only options that I have found so far is the Flir Tau series. The max resolution for the Flir Tau is 320x240. We are looking for a camera with a resolution of 640x480. The only camera from Flir is the Photon 640, which is about 2.5 times the weight, and 8x the volume.I was wondering if anyone knows of any other IR cameras with similar weight and volume similar to the Flir Tau? (~100 grams, 1.2"x1.2"x1.4")Thanks all. Great forum BTW, very helpful for my project.

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  • We not only manufacture a small core but we have a r\Radiometric small core. Anyone can put a Go Pro or and Infrared imager on a Drone or micro UAV but not a fuly Radiometric obe. We have a complete UAV Package wit Autopilot etc.. Gary Strahan or look at www.infraredcameras and call 713-859-3599

  • The FLIR Tau cameras are available in 320x256 and 640x512 resolutions. The mechanical, electrical, and software interfaces are exactly the same between all Tau cameras. Refer to

    If you need more information, contact me at

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for you interest our products and prices, as you are all aware are very sensitive in this field so we will not publish them in the public domain.

    We would be pleased to send you a personal quotation under strict confidentiality if you require.

    Sorry but it is a tough old commercial World out there.
  • Darryl,
    we get the drift - you have IR cameras - but how much are they!?!?!? Ballpark is all anyone is looking for I am sure.

  • Hi,
    Certain you will struggle to meet your size and weight constraints.

    Worth checking

    which is our 17micron engine core very powerful. We have seen a demonstration of fire detection software built into the head of the camera. Work in the same way as Warning Eye a fully automated ground based thermal imager.

    All thermal products on

    hope this is of interest
  • Please visit

    for the latest in thermal imaging
  • Check this out:

    - its 640 x 480 and seems to tick all the boxes.

    Dont dismiss it because its Chinese - its used by at least 2 UK UAV manufacturers
  • COMPACT-EYE engine weights 34gr.

    Our detector holder weights 18gr. (but you'll need also lens adaptor). The best solution is to design integral detector/lens adapter (as you don't need a NUC flag) and that could easily weight no more then 30 gr. (Magnesium will weight less). We could design one based on customer's requirements for quantities.

    One could use for example 20mm;f/.85 lens which weights 35gr. And there you have a full open-frame camera weights 100gr.
  • We do have a range of thermal imaging cameras that are not ITAR controlled which you can build from the core engine up to meet you requirements. Very powerful features are built in to give great flexibility.

  • We do have an alternative that you can build up from the engine core please visit
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