Cheltenham, Gloucestershire County

About Me:

Just retired after 38 years in the European defence industry - in antenna research/design and development. Last 10 years with emphasis on research into airborne DSP (digital signal processing) hardware & UWB's (ultra wideband antennas). Final projects prior to retirement: design and development of antennas for the EADS Typhoon and A400M projects. Knowledge of UAV's - limited to negligable I'm afraid, other than for research into antennas for data links. The DIY DRONES website is a great database for homespun & open-source UAV projects and UAV design/development and control - however, when it comes to antenna's, there appears to be a big gap. I'd like to see myself been able to contribute significantly to that side of things. Anyone have any question/s about antenna's - would be happy to comment and share my experience and ideas.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Have always had an interest in R/C models and model building - but never had much time to pursue the interest. Now have the time to get involved and starting off by getting up to date with the current "state of play" regards R/C & FPV technology.