These camera's are $299, full widescreen HD, 2 hours of battery life. They come with a waterproof casing and are very resistant to shock. Combined with a 16Gb SD card, you can shoot about 4 hours of video. My brother works in LA and he just bought a few of these for a documentary he is going on oyster farming. He has some pretty impressive vids of dredging for the oyster bags under water. I think this would be a perfect addition to arduCopter.
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  • Jani

    Why H.264?

    A live H.264 encoded video stream requires siginifcantly less bandwidth when transmitted from a model plane down to a ground station than will the same video at the same resolution encoded with MPEG2.

    In short: that means better video quality - and its not a theoretical improvement in picture quality, its a real world observable improvement - a consideration well worth keeping in mind at the consumer product level, where rf Tx & Rx gear for video is usualy bandwidth limited (hence limiting transmited pciture quality) to keep prices down, and to limit inteference with other transmissions.
  • For what if worth - (0n the webpage noted below) have played quite a bit with this HD Naked and have developed a number of add-on options to include live video output and wireless kits, as well as a few correctional filter kits

    Canon make the image processor chips for this camera (Dual DIGIC 4 Image Processors) and 2 are used in the HD Naked which explains how GoPro have managed to offer all the video formatts they have using H.264 codec, but does anyone know who makes the actual image sensor?

    I've looked high and low on the net but cannot find any info regards the image sensor manufacturer.

    Does anyone know the manufacturer name of the image sensor used in this camera
  • Developer
    Patrick, why would you like to have H.264? Sure it can be done but what cost. Idea on these small devices is that you have a rather cheap camera but still good picture quality with decent encoding. Most of the people anyways just uses videos that they record to upload it on Vimeo or YouTube.

    It is a bit like in land of smiles (Thailand) everyone want's to have 3G phones and even buys them but there is not official 3G network in Thailand :)

    Then again on a ground station I can understand it easily, you don't need to do so much work when recording FPV video stream directly to USB stick or other media.

    And as what I understood, Hero and Hero HD are two different cameras.

    Latest firmware updates looks really great
  • Whats very good about the Hero camera package is how well they have incorporated H.264 encoding.

    The H.264 video codec uses up significantly less memory for a given picture quality than does MPEG2 - and like MPEG.2, the H.264 codec can be "set" at different levels of compression - all levels for equal memory take up offering a siginficantly better quality video picture than MPEG.2 does.

    Bbut (theres always a but), the problem with H.264 is the computational time/power it requires to achieve this, compared to MPEG.2 - it is substantially more than a processor would use to encode & compress the same video using the MPEG.2 codec.

    Hero have done superb job getting H/264 to work as well as they have in their products.
  • That will great.
  • nice - good to know that this update was released - still bloggie used is about $65 - I will add a go pro in my wish list for christmas - I love the fact that can be used to take pics underwater doing scuba diving and so on :-)
  • haha, talk about timing. The firmware update was just released.
  • Sure, I follow the directions made from a friend that post some pics here:

    He first made for the webbie but it also works for the bloggie
    1st link with google translate and 2nd the original
    If anyone wants more details I could ask him in portuguese but I'm almost sure that his english it's quite good. but I'm not aware of any posts that he did in english about this mod.
    It's quite simple, I think that the unique thing that needs more attention it's that there's a small cable connecting one of the cables to ground the plug housing

  • Developer
    @Andre as you might know we already have mount for bloggie. I am interested to hear about this mod too. Any links you could share??
  • the bloggie and webbie with smal cable mod to save weight and space

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