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  • It's only from their app store, Just post your apps from your own websites and ignore apple altogether. Why not? Apps need to be universal anyway. 

  • The iPhone is not used for accomplishing automated or autonomous flight in case of the A.R Drone.
    It just allows the user to navigate the unit manually.
    Flight stabilisation is taken care of internal to the drone.
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    Get an iPhone.
  • hi i have not yet build a working drone but would like to ask you all who are in the know if your didnt put your gps unit in to your drone but carried it around with you powered in your pocket would you still be able to view your movement on the software????
  • I wonder if the export control they're worried about is "ITAR"?
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    We have a saying ," the frog gets into trouble because of its own throat/sound ( rough interpretation)..." rest is up to you imagine
  • Garry called it, I had to read through the comments to see if anyone else had the same though when i first read this. This is to stop people from sticking the iphone in the device that can go and crash into something, not to stop the app that remote controls it. Aside from possible regulatory reasons, I bet this is just Apple covering it's arsh for when an UAV with an iphone in it goes and crashes; blows up a school bus full of kids.

    Personally from day one I have had an Android G1, newly upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy because as a hacker / tinkerer it just make so much more sense to have an more open source friendly phone.
  • Apple is stopping the Apple store from been used as a distrabution hub for certain kinds of apps - but there is nothing to stop "Apps that use location-based APIs for automatic or autonomous control of vehicles, aircraft, or other devices" been passed around amongst user groups ????

    Whats IS Apples' real concern here - intellectual property? i.e. that the Apple product functionality (and therefore brandname integrity) is at risk of been associated with a criminal offense of some sort?
  • Bad PR for the iPhone regardless of the reason.
  • That fruit-based company will do everything in its power to halt any 3rd party innovation so it could say "we did all this". Coincidentally it's been stuck with featureless music players and phones for the past umpteen years. Go open source :]
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