Flying on 5 engines?

Impatience is getting the best of me, I have a Hexacopter (flying in the + formation)

I have 5 booms 5 motors and 5 props and its going to be a while before I can get the sixth so my question is is APM capable of flying stable with just 5 motors? and if so which would be the best motor for it not to have working (i.e. front back left right etc.)

I know it wont function at 100% but I just need to know if it will be stable enough to fly around my back yard.

Thanks guys..

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  • I flew into the ground from 50 feet with 5 rotors, which ended badly (needless to say).  Hexas don't like 16% of the props missing.  My prop flew off, so based on my limited experience, I would expect the worst.  If you do fly, I would love to see the video :)



  • I think torque rotation is also an issue with odd numbers of motors.


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    My take would be why risk it.......


    Can you not make a quad while you wait?





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