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Mike M replied to Martin's discussion Landing on a forest clearing ( or on a short field in general)
"A spiral or corkscrew pattern like used by the military for Baghdad International should work. Helicopter pilots in Vietnam  used the spiral technique for taking off when overweight and needing to build up forward airspeed while in ground effect.…"
Nov 1, 2012
Mike M replied to Daniel Nugent's discussion Bixler Battery
"The power numbers are pretty simple: 5000mAh x 20c = 100Amps. 100Amps at 3s = 100A x 11.1V = 1110W. I think you can see this is more than enough power for a Bixler. I have a similar plane and there's no way mine could fly with APM + FPV +5000mAh…"
May 26, 2012
Mike M replied to James Maxcy's discussion Use of Drones for Search and Rescue
"Hey James, what organization are you with? I was a member of CAMRA/MCSOMR several years ago and I'd be interested in working with you. As has been said, quads (multicopters) have very short endurance. It's difficult to even achieve 30 minutes and…"
May 17, 2012
Mike M posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
I'm building a paraglider drone and am wondering if I'll be able to use the Arduplane SW unmodified. I think it's clear yaw/roll should work fine if configured properly. My question is around pitch--if the SW tries to use the elevators to increase…
May 15, 2012
Mike M posted a discussion
I noticed the following post from Peter Yang in my email notification:Peter Yang started the discussion "DIY Drone store is Trickery !!!" in the category "Aerial photography" on DIY Drones------------I ordered several drone parts from DIY Drone…
May 12, 2012
Mike M replied to Franz Helmli's discussion tipps for my new carbon hexacopter
"I'm curious why you chose round tube instead of square? I'm designing one with square tubes alleviate any blocks around the tube for mounting motors and attaching to base of hexa. Seems like those blocks and associated hardware add a lot of weight.…"
Apr 24, 2012
Mike M posted a blog post
Anyone know whose drone this is? It must have a fancy camera for $75k.http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/17369971/exclusive-state-dot-adm... state Department of Transportation's Harbors Division has…
Apr 11, 2012
Mike M posted a discussion
As I begin my first UAV build, I thought I would document it both to help folks in the future and to get any advice or recommendations for my build. I really wanted to build a Bixler, but the SKU I wanted was perpetually out-of-stock at HobbyKing so…
Apr 7, 2012
Mike M replied to UAS_Pilot's discussion Operate a Camera Gimbal via USB Joystick
"Technically, it's pretty simple. You need to read input from the joystick (there are numerous examples on the Internet of interfacing to a joystick with .Net) and then send output to the XBee (a simple UART over USB). The work, on your part, will be…"
Mar 19, 2012
Mike M posted a discussion
Is there any reason one couldn't just use a multicopter's yaw to pan the camera rather than adding the extra weight and complexity of a 2-axis gimbal?Thanks,Mike
Mar 12, 2012
Mike M replied to Kristian's discussion Shooting the ground with a Sony Nex5 and a 16mm pancake lense
"A strong guy with a 10ft (or maybe even 5ft depending on FOV) pole would work well too :o)"
Mar 7, 2012
Mike M replied to Gerry Mostert's discussion HDMI signal from the air to the ground
"What is the purpose of sending HDMI signal to the ground? Is it just for camera sighting, or do you want realtime HD (I didn't think most DSLRs supported live HD monitoring) video monitoring? If it's just to control what your camera is pointing at,…"
Mar 5, 2012
Mike M replied to Kristian's discussion Nex5 live view iPad
"You can use Slingbox and "sling" it to your iPad, but that means you need a server that would need to be attached to the FPV receiver. Easiest way is to just switch to a Windows tablet or laptop that can directly attach to the FPV gear."
Mar 4, 2012
Mike M posted a discussion
Hello, I'm designing a hexa to carry a 1.5 kg load. I'm trying to create the absolute lightest configuration possible, so it's mostly made from CF. My question is around CG. My intuition tells me that for horizontal stability, the CG should be as…
Mar 1, 2012
Mike M replied to Harrison's discussion Flying on 5 engines?
"I think torque rotation is also an issue with odd numbers of motors.

Feb 28, 2012
Mike M commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Arducopter Hexa 3DR Frame Now on Pre-Order!
"Jeff, do you know the weight of one of the aluminum arms? I'd like to see the weight savings of moving to carbon fiber arms. 1" OD x 24" carbon fiber round tubing is about .16 lbs. Thx."
Feb 25, 2012