HDMI signal from the air to the ground

Anyone knows of a device that can send an HDMI signal to the ground. Most up to date DSLR cameras now have a HDMI output and not an AV output anymore. One can use a converter to change the HDMI to AV but that adds another 220 grams of weight and the AV signal is not very good.

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  • I am aware that this is an old thread, but as there are still people looking for a solution you might want to take a look at our new product Sky Drone Link, which provides a Full HD video link from air to ground with HDMI input.

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    The big question is what is the latency and range of the device.

    I have been looking at a Teradek device which dies the same over wifi but at 1080p. They claim that to get the least amount of latency of 70ms, u would have to use their own receiving unit on wifi adhoc mode
  • Well yes & agen I keep stressing it is IP based Livestream Broadcaster pre-orders available now, shipping at the end of May for $495


    A vivid memory of Cisco's would-be FlipLive streaming camera is all we've got, but thankfully there's existing devices out there like the Livestream Broadcaster to help fill that void. Priced at a whopping $495, Livestream's Broadcaster allows it to be paired with an array of shooters via HDMI and used to stream live high-def vids to any Livestream-equipped device over Ethernet, WiFi, or with a 3G / 4G USB dongle. Aside from being capable of sending out 1080i waves, the Broadcaster can also push 720p and 480i resolutions (in case you don't feel like being a bandwidth hog), while all video and audio encoding is done with H.264 and ACC, respectively. It's also worth noting that the near 500 bucks includes a three-month sub to Livestream's service, which usually costs an extra $45 per month. For now, this bright red streamer's only available to Euros and Americans, with shipping set to commence by May 31st


  • Thanks, fascinating.....

  • Hi Jaan

    Would one need the Teradek encoder as well as the decoder?

  • Thanks guys for all the input, I think we have an answer for HDMI downlink.

    Now the next question 3-axis gimbal stabilisation, what else is out there except Picloc?

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  • http://sr-systems.de/content.php?show=H264-Encoder&lng=eng&...

    this is hdmi encoder on mpeg4 h.264 you need modulator and up converter + power amp  

  • Yeah, we don't have a lot of Hotspots for Wi-Fi

  • Em Bu

    Thanks for the You Tube video of the Teradeck it explains everything, which is difficult explain in words. So, we don't have to explain how it works.

    I use the Sony Alpha 77a camera.

  • Thanks for the links, the Q4 really looks awesome!

    Yes it is the Red camera and the Droidworx Sjyjib 8 as according to your links, however if you buy it from Droidworx you will pay much less than the Euro price quote by Kopterworks. In the film industry you will not buy the Red raher rent it, if its required by client.

    The Teradek seems to be the top end answer, however in my country with the very very expensive cost of streaming video through a cellular network it will not be a viable way to go. What a pity! Maybe when we gat a faster bandwidth and cheaper rates it will be the way to go.

    Anyone out there with a rating for Infrontech products???

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