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I want to put the APM and video equipment(range video 12v 600mw 1.3ghz transmitter + camera) in a Bixler and wanted to make sure I was choosing the right battery. I would like to use one battery and have the APM/rc receive be in parallel with the video equipment. Didnt know if this was a good idea with the hole discharge rate. I wanted a relatively long flight time so I chose the

Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack,

My only concern is the weight and a suitable discharge rate. What do you think?

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  • if I understand U right, U want to use the same battery for the motor and for the the FPV and other electronics stuff....

    This is a no no!

    Your electronics will suffer from too much variance in voltage when operating the motor.

    And I think you want to be able to find your bird should it crash.... Therefore it's mandatory to separate power sources, and have a power source that lasts longer than the motor battery.

    Check your requirements, your electronics power source might well be a good balast for balancing your bird.

  • The power numbers are pretty simple: 5000mAh x 20c = 100Amps. 100Amps at 3s = 100A x 11.1V = 1110W. I think you can see this is more than enough power for a Bixler. I have a similar plane and there's no way mine could fly with APM + FPV +5000mAh batttery. That is a lot of weight (not to mention space) for that airframe. If you want endurance, I'd look at the X8 wing or the Skywalker. Both of which you'll find a lot of experience and config info on this and other forums.


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