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MikeInFrance replied to Crady von Pawlak's discussion Two-piece FPV wing? in ArduPlane User Group
"Just stumbled upon this company. Worth a check I guess: http://www.birdseyeview.aero/"
Jul 28, 2015
MikeInFrance replied to Crady von Pawlak's discussion Two-piece FPV wing? in ArduPlane User Group
"Have you ever considered the RV Jet from Range Video? Breaks down to canopy and separate wings. Keep the original packaging as you can use it for storage, Can have a gimbal in nose.... Competition can be found at Hobby King, but nose is not as…"
Jul 28, 2015
MikeInFrance replied to Damo's discussion Finwing penguin takeoff issues in ArduPlane User Group
"I would think of a bungee launcher or a catapult for maximizing your take-off success rate."
Jun 16, 2015
MikeInFrance replied to Damo's discussion where can i buy a penguin? in ArduPlane User Group
Feb 21, 2015
MikeInFrance left a comment on Agricultural UAVs
"@Vega Tech: I understand that you speak out of your own experience, since you seem to be the marketing voice of your company that is selling high end picture processors.
Nonetheless, I would welcome you to post examples of your sayings. This can…"
Dec 10, 2014
MikeInFrance commented on Mauricio's blog post Aeromapper 300 mapping drone –1.5 hr endurance with multisensor capabilities
"As someone before said: the value of a product is not the sum of the values of it's components!
The value of a product is partly determined by the market and by what this product enables you to do!
If you want to do aeromapping as a hobby and not…"
Nov 29, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to SILVERZORRA's discussion What is the best platform for mapping around 300km of highway?
"Check the PTERYX product
Also check the SENSEFLY products

Have also a look at the RV JET wing
Nov 11, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to Greg Kosin's discussion Locating lost cattle on large ranch in ArduPlane User Group
"I think you can check the anti poaching initiative and how they have come to select some interesting aircrafts, although I think some donations might have had some influence.
Play also some consideration to IR cameras, as cattle should stand out…"
Oct 9, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to Damo's discussion FPV Transmitter Heat in ArduPlane User Group
"Everything that generates heat should be cooled.
The most convenient coolant is airflow. So either put it in the airflow in the cabin, or put it into an outside loacation where it has good airflow ..."
May 18, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to M. Danner's discussion Which UAV system to go with? in Agricultural UAVs
"From my own experience: if you intend to fly on your own, purchase an extra bird to get aquainted with flying it. The most expensive is your payload, so don't put that at risk when you don't have to. Put some dummy weight in your spare/training…"
Mar 6, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to Andy Dombeck's discussion tractor guidance in Agricultural UAVs
"Check the specs of both manufacturers. 
Depending on your location and number of visible satellites, you don't need RTK for an acceptable precision.
On some agricultural forums like agtalk, you will find testimonials of people having used dgps/egnos…"
Mar 1, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to Drone-University.com's discussion Shake to start engine in ArduPlane User Group
"Actually, the shaking procedure is for arming the motor as far as i have understood.
Think it is linked to the giros. It seems to be an exclusivity of swinglet.
Note that their wing starts in autopilot mode without controling remote control. 
Feb 24, 2014
MikeInFrance left a comment on ArduPlane User Group
"Check the Swinglet YouTube channel: thei just published a mission of doing orthophotos of the Matterhorn in Switzerland for mapping purposes. Pretty awesome. Their wing is quite small and light to be compliant with Swiss legislation.
It's less a…"
Jan 7, 2014
MikeInFrance replied to Chris Wildey's discussion Bluetooth Follow Me with a cell phone. in Andropilot Users Group
"I understand you want to hook the bluetooth module to your Quad. Given the sure range of bluetooth modules (about 10 meters) this is not a good idea.
What is explained in the video is that you can build a relay using a bluetooth module that you can…"
Dec 27, 2013
MikeInFrance commented on Justin's blog post RTL-SDR : AFSK modem
"Excellent use of the audio down link which I personally don't find very useful (the audio recording) so yes it is better used for transmitting more valuable data without adding one more frequency that could be disturbing. Brilliant!"
Nov 12, 2013
MikeInFrance commented on Sally French's blog post Drones + Wine: how developers at 3D Robotics are working with farmers to harvest grapes
"Wines being a product with hufe added value, this is likely to be one of the first economical interests for uav imagery.
Besides that I remember having read somewhere a report about growing oranges and checking the ideal moment to harvest them or…"
Oct 2, 2013