Bluetooth Follow Me with a cell phone.

I have just bought an APM 2.6 but not installed it yet.

I also have a set of Mav Link 3d radios to instal along with the APM.

What I also want to do is use Follow Me from my phone.  I see the vids on You Tube but there little or no detailed information about how to do this with the AMP. There is one set of vids which I'm fairly certain I understand but need to check first.  All I can find is that as I dont want things hanging out of my phone I have to do it via bluetooth, and to achieve this a bluetooth bridge module has to be inserted into the 3d radio circuit on the quad.

Can anybody please make things understandable for a newbie.

I found this vid about the most useful.

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    sounds good then!  If you are curious about the state of OTG in your phone you can run this app:

    USB OTG Checker - Apps on Google Play
    Please read before Rating & Reviews this applications! USB OTG Checker is tool that can quickly and effectively to fully check and verify your Andro…
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    You can put a BT unit in the vehicle for a _very_  low cost andropilot connection ( ).  But you are _much_ better off using one of the purpose built telemetry radios (like the 3dr telemetry module).  Once you have that module, just plug it into your phone and it should show a link to the vehicle, then choose the menu option for follow me.  It will try to stay above you at the altitude set in andropilot preferences for 'follow me' altitude.

  • I understand you want to hook the bluetooth module to your Quad. Given the sure range of bluetooth modules (about 10 meters) this is not a good idea.

    What is explained in the video is that you can build a relay using a bluetooth module that you can carry with you, enabling you to communicate with your quad . Therefore,

    - your quad is just hooked to the 3DR radio.

    - on the ground, in your pocket for instance you have the second 3DR radio hooked to the bluetooth module and powered by a small LIPO through a UBEC (5V = voltage of USB)

    - your smartphone connects to the the relay in your pocket via internal bluetooth.

    Be careful about the antenna of the 3DR module in your pocket. Orientation matters!

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