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Interested in Airsoft and any thing that flys

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Looking to build a UAV for airsoft Survalence


Belgrade, MT

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Justin commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Is our Hobby Doomed?
"And its because of guys like this that made me get rid of all my gear and not want to deal with it any more. Great rant guys couldn't agree more with you."
May 26, 2016
Justin commented on Patrick Duffy's blog post Part 2: How to build a High-Definition FPV UAV using a Rasperry PI with HD camera, using a high speed WiFi link
"if you looking for a more powerful wifi I would suggest to take a look at Mikrotik they also make a 5ghz (1300mw)and a 900ghz(500mw)

Nov 5, 2014
Justin commented on Robert Haddad's blog post Adding External Configuration GPRS Telemetry Module to APM 2.6 or Walkera X350 Pro
"Very nice write up way cleaner than my attempts at the same thing."
Oct 29, 2014
Justin commented on Patrick McKay's blog post Bill Introduced to Ban Hobbyist Drones in Washington State
"I agree with Dave also they clearly stated how you can use it with out getting into trouble. I find it interesting how it was targeted at the Aircraft side and not a ground vehicle side. Whats to stop some one from using a Tank or a truck for the…"
Jan 12, 2014
Justin commented on Justin's blog post RTL-SDR : AFSK modem
"Just an FYI this is not my build. Just wanted to share it with you guys. I think its baud is fast enough you can do Telem on it although it would be 1 way unless you had 2 "radio's" setup."
Nov 11, 2013
Justin commented on Justin's blog post RTL-SDR : AFSK modem
"You can select the Subtitles, but the link has the How to."
Nov 10, 2013
Justin posted a blog post
Just wanted to share this with you all.Details of how SDR is used  is hereKicking Data old school
Nov 10, 2013
Justin commented on Liam Honecker's blog post Raspberry Pi (Rpi) and GoPro Hero3
"If your willing to still have a PC available you can stream your APM to ethernet with ser2net the only issue i have is its TCP but works extremely well. I currently don't have a transmitter that is not on the 2.4 band so I cant use it to its full…"
Apr 1, 2013