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  • Excellent use of the audio down link which I personally don't find very useful (the audio recording) so yes it is better used for transmitting more valuable data without adding one more frequency that could be disturbing. Brilliant!

  • On my quad I log some Mavlink messages to an 808 #16 camera's audio as AFSK at 1200 bit/s. It may be ancient technology, but that's still plenty enough for my little project even despite my horrific ~25% packet loss... 
    Thanks for bringing my attention to that video, it just makes me even more interested in getting some AV rx/tx equipment to play with.

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    Does ISS use APRS or is it all a different sort of packet?  I'm also feeding ADSB via a dongle into FlightRadar ,28.43/7 I think very quickly users here could add stacks of low level data to the service and make a useful amount of low level coverage for detect sense avoid in the future. $20 and an internet connection is all you need. At first I was unconvinced but when I saw my first two light aircraft go by it helped me realise its coming. Sorry little bit of thread creep!

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    Too slow? May be for RC real time control.  But for down link telemetry , I am sure as AL cheapo  Dongle should do. The beauty of the dongle is it, Rx works from 50Mhz to 1.7 Ghz . I personally use it for watching ADSB and hear audio VHF bands  Unfortunately , we don't have any APRS stations around , so can't test this to decode. Will sure let you guys know after I test it for down stream telemetry (if I can set the Tx side without any encryption).

    Justin , two way telem using the dongle is not great idea IMHO as it would mean you have to split a Tx out/separate from pair of cheap telemetry modems that are available every where.  As these are already TRx , so no point as the cost of two SDR dongle would  be  same as cheap telemetry modem . Cheers.

  • Just an FYI this is not my build. Just wanted to share it with you guys. I think its baud is fast enough you can do Telem on it although it would be 1 way unless you had 2 "radio's" setup.

  • Come on guys, this is justa demo of ancient technology. The data rate way is too low for APM telemetry. Such setup has no practical value.

  • Hello,

    impressionnant!  did you use the audio link to send data?

  • Hi Justin

    Looks nice and practical solution. Is there any hardware setup to show your system ?

    Actually, there is some schematic in your link.

    I am considering to use Raspberry with 5.6GHz wifi network.

    BTW, your hexa is also nice. Thanks.

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    K, tnx. Will try to fig it out. I do love my sdr dongle & planning to in corporate it in GCS  side. .Was hoping to see such usage by others too.  cheers

  • You can select the Subtitles, but the link has the How to.

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