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  • Stefan,  Not buying the rich and famous thing.  Not many people know this guy exist except those that watch the video's.  I wonder if now that the FAA requires registration and has put a lot of fear into people if they aren't relaxing a bit.  Or getting tired of losing court battles.  If this dude hurts somebody he really has no excuses and will be in big trouble.  You must not be from this country .  He's not considered famous in the USA.

  • And its because of guys like this that made me get rid of all my gear and not want to deal with it any more. Great rant guys couldn't agree more with you.

  • Because the guy is rich and famous and it's the USA - where rich and famous people usually get a pass unless they REALLY mess up badly... It's much more comfortable for the FAA to harrass some small guys than a YouTube star with millions of subscribers who might use his channel to whine and start a shitstorm with his followers...

  • Why isn't this "dude" in court with the FAA.  I say dude because he reminds me of Sean Penn's character of Spicoli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

  • Thanks Rob, means a lot coming from you.

  • Really great rant!  They nailed it!

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