What is the best platform for mapping around 300km of highway?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what you think is the best solution (price/quality/ease of use) for mapping around 300km (180 miles) of a highway??

We need to do photogrammetry of this project and I have suggested the use of a UAV instead of a manned aircraft.

I imagine that we will need a fix wing solution (or solutions) for doing this project but I would like to have further information.

Any information is useful.


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You need a Mugin and a trained builder and pilot to fly it.

Thanks! are these available for commercial use?? Where can I get further information, specs, flying time, etc?


The airplane that I know for that purpose is the AERODYCA recent market incorporation with 8 hrs fly autonomy http://www.aerodyca.neositios.com/proyectos

It's easy to fly but strong recommended that an experienced pilot fly anything that can fly 300kms; Chimango has 6.5 mts wingspan, It' can carry 40kgs payload; not little ;) .

What country and budget ?

Check out Prion 3 from England, 1000km/12 hour autonomous capability.


I have no connection with these guys but they should be on your short list

Thanks Cala,

Is it RTF or I would need to install all the elctronics?

Thanks Keith! I will check it out.

RTF if it is your choice, you ask for equipment that you need


I will consider this http://www.c-astral.com

If its a one time thing, you might just ask around at the local airport to see if anyone has a Cessna with camera port.  They are surprisingly common.  Setting up a simple camera/gps to shoot out the bottom takes very little time, and you can fly 300 km in under two hours, with a professional pilot for a cost that likely would be a lot less than that of drone. They can easily fly a swath right down the center and deal with ATC, etc.  It wouldn't even be hard to put a few flights lines into Google Earth and have that visible with GPS location to the pilot on a laptop if you wanted to get fancy and do multiple swaths.

If this would lead to more similar work that you could do in house, then that's a different story. But using a plane to start could a be good test of just the camera/gps components.

You could easily do this with off the shelf parts. A fully loaded skywalker with mapping gear could do 30km segments at at time, autonomously. You would just have to follow it in a car.  You could get the whole 300km done in a week. 

Mm that looks nice. How much do one of those bad boys cost? 50k?

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