Hi everyone,

I would like to know what you think is the best solution (price/quality/ease of use) for mapping around 300km (180 miles) of a highway??

We need to do photogrammetry of this project and I have suggested the use of a UAV instead of a manned aircraft.

I imagine that we will need a fix wing solution (or solutions) for doing this project but I would like to have further information.

Any information is useful.


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  • Ideally you need a fixed wing with the following characteristics:

    - Hand launch 

    - Parachute landing

    - Long endurance

    - Affordable (you WILL need some spare parts for a project like this, or two aircraft)

    - Long range link (capable of BVLOS if your regulation permits)

    The best so far for this type of application is the Aeromapper Talon:


  • 3702416320?profile=originalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnryItBtVrw&t=40s  ,here is my plane, you may have a look  

  • Hi  Silverzorro,

    this is a very interesting post. Thank you for sharing it.
    For me this is a good example UAV planes will go for.

    Of course I'm interested in details. It was already asked
    the pixel size you are looking for? Is this a single stripe
    or do you need side overlap?

    I have similar missions in mind. The last months I've tested
    cams going close to 1cm resolution using a Skywalker. This
    phase I've closed recently. It is reliable now. You'll see
    a reference example attached (62x93m size, 90m AGL).

    For the next months I'm going to extend the logistics. My
    goal is to get this distance in one to two days by a single
    plane. Starting in spring first projects are planned. Today
    I've a good feeling and don't see any blocking points.

    Thanks and keep us informed.


  • We have UAV (Done) available for sale. 



    Infrared camera hyper-spectral imaging can detect changes in environment conditions. They can rapidly, safely and identify any conditions that are not normal. Border patrols can capture heat signatures from a distance and not subject the operator to possible risk. High definition images can identify objects whether they are human or animals. Military units can spot danger or the best route for missions. Pipeline inspections are done quickly and cost effectively. Crowd monitoring for police can detect any situation that needs attention. Civilians can carry out aerial surveys of their land. Farmers and ranchers can survey their pastures and live stock. River and water adventurists can monitor river or ocean conditions safely and quickly. The list is virtually endless. The Drone is a marvel of technology that is affordable for many and easy to use.

    The drone now has 20-26 hr flight capability in any direction. It can be extended even more with an ungraded antenna used with a mast. High resolution day time cameras 320 x 480 and / or 640 x 480 imagery. 5 Mp digital and higher if necessary. You can order one or both. Cameras are interchangeable on the drone. Zoom camera is also available if requested. The drone is controlled through radios and can transmit the data back live with on screen video streaming. Auto pilot has fail safe set points entered prior to launch. If link is lost for an extended periods of time, the drone will return safely to your preset command point. Operator screen on laptop utilizes Google maps on the left side of screen. Overhead display is also shown. The Drone can also be reprogrammed while in flight. Entering new G.P.S. way-points will allow the drone to survey your desired area of interest. Infrared camera allows night operation and surveillance. Laptop displays all information for flight operations. Custom build your drone to your exact needs and specifications. Costs vary depending on cameras and sensors used. The drone cost from $19,500 US dollars and will increase on how many cameras and sensors you want. They are interchangeable on the drone.



    Cannot be destroyed by conventional small arms only with the expensive and precision missiles. Successfully applied in both the military as well as civilian sectors.


    Wingspan     3.3 m/ 10.8 ft

    MTOW           21.5 kg / 47.5 lbs.

    Endurance   20 hours

    Range           100 km/ 60 miles

    Cruise speed           19-22 m/s / 37-43 knots

    Max level speed      36 m/s / 70 knots

    Ceiling           6100 m / FL-200/ 20 000 ft MSL

    Takeoff          Pneumatic Catapult, fully autonomous

    Maximum takeoff altitude  3000m /10 000 ft AMSL

    Operational temperature    -10° C to +40° C

    On 3G/4G environment the drone has no limitation about range telemetry.

    Transmission of images and videos in live in HD definition.

    Also you can take-off from Africa and controlling the flight in Europe.


    Without 3G/4G the drone can be controlled by radio (900 Mgz) in a range within 80 to 100 km with images and videos in 640 x 520 quality in live. 

    Keep in mind that you can get the same images and videos in HD definition after landing or when you reach 3G/4G cover in flight. 




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  • Check the PTERYX product



    Also check the SENSEFLY products


    Have also a look at the RV JET wing


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    A simple truth of this thread, an Aero M or E384 could have completed the task by now ;-)
  • I'm wondering what photogrammetry software would you use for such a large project?  Can Pix4d, Photoscan etc. handle this kind of large dataset.?

  • Hi Solverzorra,

    It was a custom put frame but not much different from the RTF versions.
  • A spanish company called Elimco sells a plane that could fit your needs. They say to have done missions 200km long.


    suerte con ese loco proyecto.

  • Has anyone tried the Anaconda twin boom?

    I hear the Talon is good but it might not have the range of the Skywalker.

    Also, what is the consensus on Wings v Tails?  I did see somewhere someone saying that wings require a gimbal more than a traditional plane as they roll when Yawning as there is no rudder.  The Gimbal keeps the camera horizontal during these manoeuvres. Has anyone found this to be the case? 

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