Shake to start engine

I know that most people here would manually take off, than loiter, than start mission.

A swiss company has been intensively using a system which allows the engine to start at a ready-to-mission speed when shaked. Basically, when you are ready in the field, you just shake the winglet and release it. Then off it flies to accomplish its mission.

Do you know any way to do that with the APM ?

You can watch here the take-off procedure here, at 00:30

Thank you.

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  • 3D Robotics

    If ArduPlane is set for autotake off, you just need to throw it and the the motors automatically start once it detects the forward motion. That's the way we always launch. No RC required. 

    I think it's safer than having motors spin up when it's in your hand, the way the Sensefly does it.

    • Really ? That is fantastic ! Thx for the tip Chris :-)

    • Hi Frejus,

      Yup, set it auto take off, turn on the motors and launch. It works well!

    • I just did today, I did not set anything, just put the TX on AUTO on the ground, then threw the plane upwind. 

      The engine started full speed when it was 1 meter away from me, pitched up, and off it took :-)

      Great great great !

    • Moderator

      Think of safety of use as well, some of us are a little well covered in the middle, If I want my appendix removed I dont want to do it in the flying field, how does this "shake" process get past even the simplest safety inspection ? The worst place to be near a rotating prop is perpendicular to the disk of the prop. personally I dont want my lunch (or the rest of me) anywhere near a starting propeller. 

  • Actually, the shaking procedure is for arming the motor as far as i have understood.

    Think it is linked to the giros. It seems to be an exclusivity of swinglet.

    Note that their wing starts in autopilot mode without controling remote control. 

    I personally don't think it would be possible to do it on a large spectrum of UAVs like the 3dr products are built for.

    Plus, the security aspects that could arise: you are suposed to have constant control over your aircraft...

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