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M. Danner posted a discussion
Running crop missions with hundreds of waypoints, I want them all as splined except maybe the first and last one.  How do I set the default to spline waypoints???  Thanks
Jun 15, 2016
M. Danner posted a discussion
Would like to find a VTOL kit that can take pictures/video and stay up for at least 15 min.  Like to have this as a father/daughter build project.  Not 100% from scratch but some assembly required as she has an interest in electronics.  She is 12. …
May 5, 2015
M. Danner replied to M. Danner's discussion Which UAV system to go with? in Agricultural UAVs
"10,000 acres is 2 miles wide, 7 miles long if all in one block....which it never is.  Most blocks are 2 miles long, 1 mile wide at best.
There is 640 acres in each square mile. 
Thanks for the input folks!"
Mar 7, 2014
M. Danner posted a discussion in Agricultural UAVs
Going to take on a UAV for this season for our own operation.Row crop ag production (corn/soybeans) type work.  I want the best image/optics possible but am torn as to how much to spend early into this UAV evolution.  Do we go with something under…
Mar 6, 2014