Throttle for altitude control in a paraglider?

I'm building a paraglider drone and am wondering if I'll be able to use the Arduplane SW unmodified. I think it's clear yaw/roll should work fine if configured properly. My question is around pitch--if the SW tries to use the elevators to increase altitude, will it eventually increase the motor speed if it senses the elevators aren't doing the trick? Are there suggestions on which parameters to tweak to have Arduplane use throttle to control pitch more than elevator for altitude control?


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  • Hi Mike,

    I am interested on this subject, using Arduplane for controlling a paraglider. Did you complete your project?

    Any details to share or pictures would be really welcome.

    Thanks, Chris

  • Developer

    If you enable the airspeed then airspeed is controlled by pitch and altitude is controlled by throttle.  You should be able to simply enable the airspeed sensor (you don't actually have to have an airspeed sensor) and then altitude will be controlled by throttle.

    If I understand paragliders (which I may not) then your bigger issue is probably yaw/roll.  Will the paraglider actually roll when turning?  If not then you will likely have to modify the code a bit otherwise the autopilot will max out the servo travel every time it tries to turn as it will not see a resulting roll.

  • I think FBW-B uses throttle for altitude control where FBW-A uses elevator. You do have to have the air speed sensor though.

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