tipps for my new carbon hexacopter


build a new hexacopter made of carbon.



The goal is to simple take images with the canon g11.

It is build of 18mm carbon tubes. The diameter is 90cm. The top plane is 1mm and the bottom plate is 2mm cfk (diameter of center plate is 250mm).  I use 12" props. the motors are the 4008 from hobbyking and the esc are 40A each.The electronic is the APM 2 board. the RC control is the GRaupner MX16. For Lipo i have the 4s 5800mAh.


I have some questions:

  • Is this setup ok? Does it make sense?
  • I find the weight of 700gram for the frame (without motor but with landing gear) a little heavy. I assume thhat the overall weight will be 2700g, Is this weight too much?


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  • I'm curious why you chose round tube instead of square? I'm designing one with square tubes alleviate any blocks around the tube for mounting motors and attaching to base of hexa. Seems like those blocks and associated hardware add a lot of weight.

    Here's what I'm thinking:



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