Flying wing, will it fly?

I took another shot at designing a fixed wing. I don't have any serious plans with it yet. Just a design experiment like my last one wich turned out to be all looks and no efficiency. This one is a flying wing design. And again, I have no clue and need some expert advice. As of now it has a 2.5 meter wingspan run by a 13" pusher prop. I think that may be too small? The cutout for the motor is 40mm, I thought that may cover all the size motors that it could run on. It has an internal front mounted tilt camera similar to my quad design. The slit in the front allows a 17° tilt up and 90° tilt down. I posted lots of pics because it's kinda hard to perceive its form due to its streamlined shape. But don't let the shape fool you, it has a payload bay thats 10cm at its deepest point, 20cm wide and 45 cm long.

I'd like too add that I was inspired to go through with this by very motivating dialogue with Curt Olson who built the Resolution. Great guy, great machine!












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  • Hi all,

    I've been developing marine monitoring & control solutions for a while now and the way things are going I'll be sticking with that. So all my aviation designs are up for sale. This one and my quad project. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

    lastest renders







    You will find the answers to flying wing design somewhere in these 4 volumes.

    The Panknin formula is the most used formula for working out C.G. washout,


    Tip fins do not need to reach the L.E. they are for controlling wing tip vortices

    so can over hang the T.E and start further back than the L.E.

    It's all in the website.

    It's a very pretty a/c; I hope it flies ok.


  • High Curt,

    This machine is called CNC mill, or parts of it can be done by 3D printing. :)

  • Is this project still alive? I am interested.
  • Similar than Aerodyca Ro 200 , 2015 is 2.20mts and flies nice.

  • Whats happening with this project? Any more news?

  • Hi Eric,

    Love your project.  How is it progressing?

  • Wow mee too I was thinking the same. I run a hexacopter and was thinking of a plane to get more range and load. May be the biggest pro for a wing is the big space available as is the case of the x8.

  • Does anyone know if this aircraft has been set into production?

    I would consider buying one :)

  • 100KM

    Beautiful design and rendering work, Eric.  I for one appreciate the blending of the aesthetic and the functional, and think you've done an excellent job.  Any progress on the design/build?  I hope some of the comments here have not discouraged you from proceeding.  Your planform is not overly exotic, meaning there are plenty of people around with experience designing and flying similar wings.  It will certainly fly and probably very well once you incorporate some of the key features already mentioned earlier.

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