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Aeromodeller on and off since 1953 work and location permitting. I have some interest in flying wings.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

If this is flying wings; I have designed a 60" and a 3 metre wing.



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Kenneth Baker commented on Luiz Miranda's photo
"You could always make it? Compressed air engine? Looks like a days work!"
Jul 2, 2016
Kenneth Baker replied to eric's discussion Flying wing, will it fly?
You will find the answers to flying wing design somewhere in these 4 volumes.
The Panknin formula is the most used formula for working out C.G. washout,
Tip fins do not need to reach the L.E. they are for…"
Jun 8, 2016
Kenneth Baker replied to Edward kornelis's discussion What airfoil for flying wing.
"Try the MH series, e.g MH 45, MH 60 etc."
Jun 8, 2016
Kenneth Baker replied to Jason Franciosa's discussion Flying Wings, whats all the Hype about?
"You can have flaps and as many as 6 control surfaces spread over the T.E.s.
Centre of gravity: the percentage of the root chord that the C of G is ahead of the Neutral point decides the stability. e.g 3% would be almost uncontrollable; 5% is better,…"
Jun 8, 2016
Kenneth Baker replied to Zachary Spence's discussion Delta Wing Help
""On the wing" articles cover most aspects of flying wing design.

Welcome to the "Panknin Formula".

Jun 8, 2016