My new project (Titan)

Made with some3D printed parts

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  • i like the airplane, it is very simple

  • You have essentially recreated the PrecisionHawk Lancaster which they sell for $18,000 USD without sensors.

  • @Andrew_Murphey.Yes I did once,, it runs on 2 3S 3300 but I've never taken the batteries to the limit so I can only estimate the flight time at 30-40mins. 

    @Abraham_D._Neth The purpose was to create an easy to assemble and use UAV for a relatively low cost with as many off the shelf parts as possible. The parts which were printed were the motor mount, pod to wing connection, empennage servo tray. pod front and back. The tank at the bottom is used for containing all the electronics, this allows the bulk of the weight to be shifted if CG is off as well as lowering the CG which gives it inherent stability. It also makes the electronics all accessible from one place. The wing and tail are from the E-Flight Apprentice and the pod is made from PVC tube (thin wall) cut to length.

  • Did you ever get this aircraft to fly? Have any specs on flight time or video of it in operation?

  • Please tell us about your project.  What is the purpose, what parts were printed?  What is the tank in the bottom used for? Thanks!

  • You could always make it? Compressed air engine? Looks like a days work!

  • hi,I want to know where are you buy it?how much?thank you

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