• Hey, i'm using this calypso as platform with a pixhawk inside. 

    It flies great. I'm using a 3S2700 pack I made with panasonic li ion. I'm getting 2.5A current on cruise flight at 10m/s (airspeed). 

    It can fly at least 35 to 40 minutes with this single pack. 

    I'm planning on modifying the wings so i can stick 2 more 3S packs. 

    It's a great platform for slow fly. 

    • any idea how much weight you are flying with?

      • 800 or 850g i think. I can check that on monday.

    • Do you have any pictures or the setup? I ask because I now have a calypso but have not starting adding the pixhawk in yet. While there is a lot of volume upfront it seems like it would become too nose heavy with the pix and a battery. 

      • 3702301160?profile=originalAs you can see, the pixhawk takes half the place on the cockpit, esc goes up front with the x8r receiver, 915 telemetry radio goes just next to the servos (i made a hole to pass the antenna). Airspeed sensor is on one wing away from the prop turbulence. 

        Batery goes on top (on the CF plate i put there). The total weight is around 800 to 850 gr i think, and i had to add some lead on tail to eauilibrate the nose heavy (21gr on the tail)

        Here is a boring video of yesterday flight.

        I have some flight logs too on droneshare. 

        • great pic of your setup, did you remove the wheel for additional payload / lower weight?

  • So has there been any success with the Calypso as a platform. I would be interested in seeing setups and knowing what kind of flight times they are getting 

  • I have this plane and am planning to put my spare apm into it.

    there's not much room to fit stuff, i was thinking of running the batteries on the fuse at the cg under the wings.

  • Hey,

    About 8 months on (which is a gaping eternity on the internet), I'd like to second this question.

    Here's a link to a somewhat more ready-to-fly (it's Tx-R) version of same (from same reliable seller):

    The propeller blades do this when power isn't needed:


    I can't find any pictures showing its relatively large interior, but here's a guy who just attached an FPV camera on the wing (and transmitters inside):

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