I have one problem with the pre test- I installed the FMA sensor just like instruction. But when I point the nose down the pitch also going down.. so I need to reverse the settings. I'm using code 2.0 and not the new 2.1
How to do?

Please don't tell me to reverse the FMA sensor.

Also having problem making the FMA sensor working first time, I can see other having the same problem.

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You need to reverse your elevator servo. The line of code is in the first tab (set pitch to 1):

#define REVERSE_ROLL 0 //To reverse servo roll
#define REVERSE_PITCH 0 //To reverse servo pitch
I didn't post that I use 2.0 code..
Hello Hooks,

I was having a problem to with the settings in the new code. But Chris explaned what you must change is this topic:

Says whether a Z sensor is present or not. [Note: autopilot will not properly calibrate without one]
#define SENSOR_Z 1

[Says whether the FMA sensor is pointed forward or backwards]
#define REVERSE_X_SENSOR 1 //1 = cable behind, 0 = cable front

[If your servos are reversed set these to 1 instead]
#define REVERSE_ROLL 0 //To reverse servo roll
#define REVERSE_PITCH 0 //To reverse servo pitch

remember that 2.1 needs a Z sensor to work well!!
In the 2.0 code, try this:
Reverse IR sensor-old code-return constrain((int)(((infrared0-511)*90)/max_ir),-60,60);
new code-return -constrain((int)(((infrared0-511)*90)/max_ir),-60,60);
Reverse IR sensor pitch-old code-return -constrain((int)(((infrared1-511)*90)/max_ir),-60,60);
new code-return constrain((int)(((infrared1-511)*90)/max_ir),-60,60);
Just reverse the sign in front of "constrain".
Your my hero in need. I don't have the Z sensor right now, so I have to use the 2.0 code - now it's working like it surpose to do.

I don't know anything about the C coding so for me it's hard to know where to change code.

I think it's a bit difficult finding the right guide for the right code.

I really hope the big Chris will make it more orderly, site is moving so fast - some off us need a Porche just to keep up.

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