Foam plane as platform? How to make it a UAV?

Hi !

I made my aircraft platform, which is the predator foam version (you can get it on rcfoamfighters)

But now, i want to make it a uav, not a rc plane, how am I gonna do?

I don't know what servos and battery and stuff i have to buy, and how i'll program it, can you help me?

Thanks !

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  • D.C.

    Just made my first RC aircraft and Ardupilot/IMU so I understand the difficulty of finding the front door.

    Requirements & Factory Recommendations for the predator
    30A Brushless Controller
    400 Outrunner Brushless Motor
    Fuselage length: 35.5 in / 900 mm
    Radio Required: 4 channels,4 servos (Spektrum DX5e combo Tx and Rx -- $100 new)
    Battery Required: 9.6V ; 12V 2500MAH

    To complete your plane - read the manual several times. Then go to a good RC hobby shop or ask for some help from your local RC flying club to convert this list to specific brand parts. I got a great reception at a nearby RC club. Just do your homework first.

    For the ArdoPilot/IMU go up to the DIYDrones menu Bar and click on ArduPilot - select Ardupilot Manual.  This is the front door to the A/P world. There is a list of topics on the left hand side of the page. Read your way through each instruction Be sure to follow all the links to subtopics before you go to the next instruction. Leave a trail. Take a big sheet of paper and draw a map (flow chart) of your progress showing how the different parts and programs lead to the final system.  It is not easy but it can be done by a novice like me. After you read the instructions a few time you will begin to understand enough to get started.  Then, I found that specific questions will get you specific help from the forum. Good Luck


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    I guess I should also add that before you buy equipment, decide what you want your sUAS to do and then narrow down your buying from that.


    All the information you need really is here.


    It is a little disapointing watching people make the same mistakes over and over again though.

  • All prices and information are in the store and manuals for the respective hardware. Read that.

    As for RC electronics part you need only use the stuff from the model you have already. I would recommend at least 250w motor with ~2000kV as this will help take off.

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    Your not really a Drone Creator are you if you have never created one, sorry to be harsh but all the information and more is here. A thing called reading really works!
  • 1. Sell the predator.

    2. Go to and look for the "I'm new to this" link. Click it.



  • I have to tell i'm brand new to uav world, and would it be possible to make the predator foam platofrm with proper motor able to  take off the land, so i dont have to throw it? Thanks for future answers. :)
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