FOR SALE: 3DR Y6 geared for FPV

I'm selling my 3DR Y6.  It's a nearly RTF system (just add your radio and a battery), and is in great working shape.  I'm getting 12+ minute FPV flight times with a 4S6000.  Would love to keep flying this bird, but need to upgrade my camera beyond what this setup can support.


(shown without FPV equipment installed)






3DR Y6 (set up in "B" configuration, comes with APM 2.6 and GPS w/ mast installed)

Upgraded 880kv motors

Tarot 2D gimbal (installed and wired with GoPro cable.  GoPro not included)

915mhz telemetry radios (both air and ground included)

ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz 600mw Video Tx w/ dedicated UBEC

2x Immersion RC Circular polarized antennas (V2)

Skyzone RC80 5.8ghz 7inch monitor w/ 5.8Ghz receiver and DVR built-in 

Extra Parts:

-Spare carbon props

-Spare prop nuts and motor adapters

-Extra 880kv motor 

-Extra 3DR ESC

-Lots of extra plastic nuts and screws for crash repair

This Y6 flies very well.  The frame is fully intact (save for one slightly bent but fully working landing strut), and well balanced with a 4S6000 or equally sized battery.  No building is required- simply plug in your receiver and battery and get in the air!  A similarly configured new Y6 costs around $1600.

Asking $950 or best offer.  

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  • T3

    Did you finally sell your Y6?

  • Bump - Price reduced to $900

  • Still available? Send me a message if it is. Thanks. 

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