Wookong-M Autopilot with GPS latest version and Futaba 8FG Super Radio


Zenmuse Gimbal with Sony Nex-5N 



This is fully ready to fly – I’ll leave it fully built and give you a demo if you come to collect it. (I’m in the UK) If posted, it would take you less than an hour to get in the air (build legs, attach Zenmuse and batteries and fly), all the wiring will remain intact, so no setup required.


This system has done approximately 20 hours in total, about 10 of which were for work, the other 10 was setting it all up to get it perfect, and fun-flying.

It is fully test flown, tuned and ready to go. I set this one up myself, I can give you links to the how-to videos I did on RC groups, showing how it was done.


It has produced commercial standard photo and video, and is running all the latest firmware for the WKM and the Zenmuse.


The package includes

  1. DJI S800 Hexacopter
  2. DJI Wookong M Autopilot system
  3. DJI Zenmuse for Sony NEX 5N - fully balanced to take 16mm pancake lens and lens shroud
  4. Sony Nex5 with 16mm pancake lens and the 18-55mm zoom lens!
  5. DJI iOSD
  6. DJI data radios
  7. Futaba 8FG super transmitter + Futaba R6014HS receiver – set up for one-man operation
  8. 4 x 5500mah 6S Turnigy Nano-tech Lipo batteries. Each pair have always been balance charged at 8amps. Each pair have been used 12 times (fully monitored - cells have NEVER gone below 3.4V)


The WKM has full 50 waypoints, DJI iOSD, data radios and the newest version of the GPS. It comes with the ground station software CD, license key and original boxes.


The S800 has been in the air for about 20 hours, it has velcro in strategic places to attach the LED and other accesories, but it is totally standard otherwise. Comes with original box.


The Zenmuse has been rebalanced in order to be able to use the lens shroud, that I find produces better video. It is superbly balanced (better than factory). When it's powered down, if you put the lens cap on the camera it will point straight down immediately! If you take the lens cap off it is then perfectly balanced, it will sit in whatever position you leave it in without any slumping in any direction. Result - no jello, super smooth operation, perfect Video! (again, original packaging)


It has been setup for one pilot operation – so you have full control of the gimbal using dials and switches on the TX, and also setup for head tracking. (you can activate headtracking from a TX switch, and also choose to have camera locked forward (FPV mode) or forward scan mode (45 degrees) on full 360 rotation. (and a quick flick of a switch to get you pointed forward again, cause the first time you try it it will feel like you are in a human gyroscope J



What's included

How it works!


(If you want the goggles and built-in headtracker (and a vtx and vrx, for that matter) I am prepared to let a set go for a fair price, and can include a fatshark built in vRX and aerial if required)


I’m selling this rig due to other work commitments, (I have more than one job and the aerial photography has had to take a back seat at the moment), it’s a shame to have this one sat around doing nothing, what with all this nice weather!

Due to the low number of hours it’s done this one is practically brand new (it’s my newest rig I’m selling, - I’m keeping the other one for occasional jobs and fun flying).

It has very minor scuff marks on the frame where the battery tray was fitted, and a few glue marks from velco. Otherwise immaculate!

I have all the original receipts totalling well over £7,000 for this package.

In summary, a rig like this, (set-up by an expert, if i do say so myself ;)) is going to cost in excess of £7000, and take over 24 hours to setup. (this one took me at least 24 hours, and it was the sixth fully loaded S800 setup I’ve done!)

I will be sad to see it go, but I’d rather it flew than collect dust!

Asking for offers in the region of £5000.

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  • T3
    Love the rig. My wife tells me I can have it, right after I divorce her and give her everything. LOL. Really is sweet rig and would love to own it. But I do love my wife. LOL.
    So, what's the primary job that's taking all your time?
    BTW, thank you for your efforts here and all that you do. I do appreciate all that you do.
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