Price Dropped - SunnySky X4108s-14 480kv

Selling 4 very lightly-used SunnySky Motors.

X4108s-14 480kv

Maybe a total of 10 flights on these motors.

Very well balanced, have never been crashed or exposed to water just clearing out the workbench again.

Price Dropped to $115 for all 4 motors shipped. Open to offers.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!




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  • Price Dropped!!

  • Hi Justin, condescending comments aside (nobody is MAKING you buy these motors after all)... I wasn't aware of the Hi Model site, nor their prices.

    I based my price off other reputable sites that I've used such as (where I bought them),, Amazon and a general Google Shopping search that, besides a few Un-Branded Ebay auctions, have these motors listed at $34 or higher and that's not including shipping.

    If you'd like to go the "lowest price" route and wait 20-30 days for free delivery from who knows where for $30 Ebay Motors... best of luck.

    However, if you'd like to open negotiations for a lesser price on a product that's located here in the states, IS a brand-named product, has been used and found to be in excellent working condition, and is offering free shipping... you're off to a bad start.

    Thanks for looking though.

  • Hi Model has them brand new for $30 per motor. Your deal I get to spend an extra $20 for used ones. Awesome! :)
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