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Justin replied to Peter Arnold's discussion Pixhawk Hex Take Off Stability problems in PIXHAWK
"With the two 10,000mah batteries."
Mar 2, 2017
Justin replied to Peter Arnold's discussion Pixhawk Hex Take Off Stability problems in PIXHAWK
"What's your thrust to weight ratio? First have to determine if you have an over or underpowered quad."
Mar 2, 2017
Justin replied to yugo's discussion Where To Buy Pixhawk
"There are others even better due to smaller form factor. Pixracer and Pixfalcon I believe are two."
Oct 4, 2016
Justin replied to Chuck Durham's discussion Commercial Companies Selling UAVs or UAV Solution packages to meet SAR usage
"Hi Chuck, I sent you a message!"
Aug 3, 2016
Justin replied to SkySpaghetti's discussion Price Dropped - SunnySky X4108s-14 480kv
"Hi Model has them brand new for $30 per motor. Your deal I get to spend an extra $20 for used ones. Awesome! :)"
Aug 3, 2016
Justin posted a discussion
Hi Gents,I am writing this to get your feedback. Like many of you I am using OPTO Esc's in my build. I am powering the Pixhawk from the 3dr power module and in the past I powered the servo rail by a bec attached to my PDB. With this new build I am…
Aug 3, 2016
Justin replied to ActionDrone's discussion Pixhawk Copter "Bad Accel Health" in PIXHAWK
"I setup 3 Pixhawk's indoor. All three were working great but eventually one started receiving the same message as yours. Turned out to be a hardware issue. The only real way to determine that is by a process of elimination and it sounds like you…"
Apr 1, 2016
Justin replied to James tate's discussion Totally Disgusted with 3DR
"I am equally as disgusted! I own 3 Pixhawks and frequently need parts. Im always needing buzzers, arming buttons, cables BUT I have also needed GPS units, telemetry radios, and others. Love the fact they always warned us against buying generic parts…"
Mar 28, 2016
Justin left a comment on PIXHAWK
"I also have multiple Pixhawks and each have their unique issues. At one time I setup 2 Pixhawk copters, both identical builds, PIDs the same, and they behaved differently. Even with identical GPS/Compass's, one got a GPS lock immediately, the other…"
Feb 5, 2016
Justin commented on matucha123's blog post Dangerous close-up with aircraft braking rules
"At the beaches in Los Angeles(Venice, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica) it's not so much the small aircraft BUT it's always the police & tour helicopters that fly way too low! This has become a common occurance!"
Jan 25, 2016
Justin posted a discussion
Guys I am desperately seeking your help! I have two Pixhawks with the same problem. When my quads take off and reach a low altitude hover, they both flip over and crash! This behavior was only occurring in one but now both!I'm sure you will want to…
Dec 31, 2015
Justin replied to Airfix4's discussion MP 1.3.23 "error receiving log list"
"Any updates? I can not download logs either."
Dec 28, 2015
Justin replied to Ben Thomas's discussion I've tried everything on here but it still wobbles and flips on takeoff.
"I know this is a very old thread but I am having the very same problems as the gentleman who started this! Exactly! The throttle increasing on its own and the precise flipping. Mine is a larger and much more powerful quad, but same behaviors! I…"
Dec 28, 2015
Justin replied to James tate's discussion Sonar on Pixhawk in PIXHAWK
"Yes sir! I installed the max sonar 3dr sells. Just make sure you're installing it for the right reasons. Will it serve a purpose or is it for the "cool factor."
Make sure you use a shielded cable! You may have to build one yourself! Regardless, good…"
Dec 4, 2015
Justin commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 released!
"@Randy, dealing with odd situation.  Have 3 Pixhawks and can not connect to MP in flight data screen.  Parameters get stuck loading BUT I can connect in initial setup or config-tuning.  Same issue on all 3!  Any ideas?"
Oct 26, 2015
Justin replied to Dale Greer's discussion Would a Pixhawk be able to run a tilted rotor hexacopter, like CyPhy LVL 1? in PIXHAWK
"Out of curiosity, what sparked your interest in a tilted hex? When a multicopter is in forward motion, they tend to pitch down and can screw up video/photo(I get that) Tilted motors are able to compensate for that but in the multi you're looking at,…"
Oct 19, 2015