Lititz, PA

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Onwer/CTO of application development firm - professional programmer by day. Robotics and RC hacker by night. I have put together and programmed various humanoid robots, 4/6 legged walkers, off-road rovers and now moving into the air with my robotics - the sea eventually

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

UPDATE - So after messing with the AR Drone 2.0 in Feb 2013, I got the bug, so I started planning out to build my own - learning about all the elecronics, etc. I started with an order of the DJI F450 kit - motor/esc included and 3D Robotics APM 2.5. I first tested the APM 2.5+ on my 6x6 robot platform from Minds-i. While waiting for parts I picked up a DJI Phantom - July 5th, 2013 - I am now addicted to everything RC flying. So as the turn of 2014 I have the DJI Phantom, DJI F450 which has flow with APM 2.5+, KK2.0 board and testbed for MultiWii. I have setup a full 3DR Quad kit with the works, APM 2.5+, telem, video kit and have done a number of great auto mission flights. Built the Talon Tricopter which ran with KK2.0 then switch over to APM 2.5, (never truely got it dialied in, kinda hate the rear servo, but love the profile) - so current Quad is Lynxmotion Hunter V-Tail, just build and working on electronics. I have since gotten into Fixed wing - practicing my skills for flying Wings, got FPV flights in with my Phantom FX-61 and have been building planes with speedbuild and scratch build plan/kits from Flite Test. Plan to get some of them flying APM 2.5+ for missions. I am hooked on building and flying - I think I may be more addicted to building and testing out how different things fly


Lititz, PA

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Chuck Durham posted a discussion
There has been so many technology advancements over the past couple years.  Wanted to drop a line to see if you guys can point me to some websites for companies that provides UAVs or UAV packages to support Search and Rescue.  I build my own stuff -…
Aug 3, 2016
Chuck Durham commented on Sandy Sound's blog post Singer attacks Concert Drone , pays the price
"So after watching this, how about the land in your hand Lilly Camera drone"
Jun 1, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on Michael Cook's blog post FAA Grants Company to fly 3DR Aero
"excellent news and I wish you lots of success in your venture"
May 26, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on Ning shu's blog post Redefine the flying camera-SimToo Drone
"Ning shu - from a credibility standpoint - you say you have 50 thousand flying control systems in the US - what is your company?  Name, website address - Most of us that follow the tech have (ex, post above Virtualrobotix - we know have been doing…"
May 21, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on NVdrones's blog post NVdrones: Create a Drone App in Minutes!
"I pre-ordered, looking forward to working with this.  If I wasn't on the other side of the Country I would come to the MakerFaire - good luck out there"
May 15, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on Ascent AeroSystems's blog post Ascent AeroSystems - Are you ready?
"I want one - this would definately be something I would back"
Apr 22, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post 3D Robotics introduces Solo, the world’s first smart drone
"I like to build my own, but I may have to buy one of these anyway just to test it out and supporting commercial growth of the hobby"
Apr 13, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post 3D Robotics introduces Solo, the world’s first smart drone
"Nice job 3DR - I see this going to Best Buy, now the end consumers can forget the AR Drone & Bebop for a real platform.  For those that think the price is high, compare it to what you can get,  Look at how expensive a DJI Phantom 2 Vision is -…"
Apr 13, 2015
Chuck Durham commented on Rob Thompson's blog post Stair Climbing Ground Drone ARTI by Transcend Robotics
"I backed an Early Chassis Kit - this is the kinda platform I have been looking for but I didn't feel like spending thousands on the tracked platforms that I have found so far.  The less expensive one's really are not durable enough for much outside…"
Nov 11, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Drones Get Waiver to Search for Missing Texas Woman Christina Morris
"I think this is one of the most noble uses of our UAV technology - FPV, Mission Planning and computer vision - put to use to find someone lost or distressed - The viewpoints and areas that can be seen and searched are greatly expanded by the use of…"
Sep 14, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post LiDAR for $7999!
Sep 3, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on Benoit Pereira da Silva's blog post Walk with a mobile desk accompanied by an IRIS
"Don't trip that would ruin your day"
Sep 3, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on Rob Thompson's blog post Two men from Inwood arrested after they flew drone near George Washington Bridge, nearly hit NYPD helicopter.
"That 300 feet isn't going to hold up unless it can be proven some height limiter was actually active and prevented the DJI from going higher.  I am pretty sure that it can be set with the software and may be by default, but I am pretty sure it can…"
Jul 8, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on Quadzimodo's blog post Trent@MyGeekShow USA Trip Conclusion
I am glad to hear you are not giving up.  I was checking out the comments and was angered by some of the comments.  Considering the state of public opinion and focus on our hobby, you made the right choice.  I have great respect for your…"
Jun 27, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on Bob Doiron's blog post Arducopter3D with SimonK reversible ESCs - Day2
"Awesome work Bob - hoping from your contributions to the APM code base more of us will be looking to build some 3D reversing quadcopters."
Jun 26, 2014
Chuck Durham commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Former DJI CEO Joins 3D Robotics
"Woah - things are getting interesting.  Congratz Colin"
Jun 25, 2014