About Me:

I have been tinkering with APM2.5 and Pixhawk for a few years but still consider myself new to flying. I have learnt everything from the interweb and doing it by myself, it has been a challenge, and I have enjoyed it even though some parts have been extremely frustrating! It would be great to meet other enthusiasts...

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am very interested in Aerial photography and fpv flying. I currently have a 3dr 2014 Quad stock, 3dr radio telemetry, Tarot 2d gimbal, go pro 3+, ImmersionRC transmitter and minimOSD. I am using a Taranis with X8R for control. I have a lidar lite for low level altitude control and used to use a Teensy3.1 running a mavlink converter code so I could see the telemetry information on the Taranis. Now I just use FlightDeck. I also have an APM 2.5 with external compass to fit to a Bixler 2 when I get the time... But first I need to learn how to fly fixed wing ;-)


Small town New Zealand. Jeg bor i Oslo nå.