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  • these are my private vids please dont share them as animal rights groups are saying anything to make farming negitive. i dont want to wreck the uav industry in the process so the vid that everyone else saw doesnt show the quad pushing the mob.

  • shows a little more

  • It says he starts the muster with the drone using a siren and a horn and then goes to meet the herd. Having an eye in the sky has also saved them tremendous effort, time and ultimately money.
  • That's a lot of sheep.

    I saw one very busy Shepherd dog in the middle of all that.

    What part of the mustering was the drone doing other than providing photos and possibly an FPV view of the whole thing.

    Actually makes me wonder if you can put radio collars (or possibly even FPV) on the dogs, not that they seem to need much human intervention.

    (My Australian Shepherd already thinks he's smarter than me anyway).

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