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 In the year 2015, drone is a hot items and in headlines over all technical website frequently.Drone attract all the eyes especially selfie,they found that photographing can make upon the sky..Together with the Gopro sport camera,all peoples start to enjoy the flying camera.


       But due to the high level skills and operation experience required to operate the remote control, and also the price issue(drone+camera all around 1000usd)..It can be hot only in small group of peoples...Due to this, SIMTOO is coming...To redefine the flying camera..No any experiences needed,No any skills required..Just simply press the GPS watch that provided together with SIMTO drone..The drone will automatically flying up and start to following you wherever you move to


       So now , you no need to care about how to control the drone, no need to worry about where is the drone..What you need to, just show your best pose..Free your hands and do all the actions or extreme sports..Simtoo drone will record all you done.. 


      Morever, Simtoo drone with foldable design,it`s folded size just be 30cm* 20cm* 6cm ...And it`s weight is only 1KG..even 20% less than lily camera..It will be very easy to  put into a regular travel bag..Within 20s you can assemble the landing stand and the camera with gimbal.


     Start to bring a bag with SIMTOO when you travel over the world, when you do extreme action sports, when you wanna to be a selfie ? Not, it`s called DRONIE!!



 Magic function will show on video coming soon

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  • @Ning shu

    I think your drone is like a milestone. Bringing "follow me" and aerial photography drones in general to the masses.

    Lesser improvement will be wellcome.

    1st software improvement (with are the cheapest to you, paying them once and easily deploying them to your customers for free: you should improve the tablet app to have advanced flight planning with multiwaypoint flight, Fence flight, etc )

    2nd extra after market hardware modules: A 3D gimball with GoPho camera should be offered as an option for those looking for higher quality video at high frmae rates, etc. FPV module, waterprof and a floating base for water sports entusiasts.

    in general I think aftermwarket modules may be the key to attract more customer, and keep the entusiast ones asking for more.

    Of course if you can still keep your value for bucks ratio

  • Spot on @StefanOlofsson, thanks for that latest order, already hooked up OSD and LC filter ;)

  • That is really cool!

  • We were supplying the controllers to one brand that selling quite well in U.S...and this year we started to do our own drone..yes the follow me function is very old tech but it's becos this we have only this function for the drone..we are creating a non experience flying camera just using the most stable technology with very easy one key flying operation..and its foldable and enough portable..that's our goal..but we will highly consider abt ur advising for collision detecting..we will consider it more upon final releasing

  • Please Kickstarter enough with the drones grrrrr! :-( 

  • Distributor


  • Ning shu - from a credibility standpoint - you say you have 50 thousand flying control systems in the US - what is your company?  Name, website address - Most of us that follow the tech have (ex, post above Virtualrobotix - we know have been doing great work).  Also you are very late to the follow-me party, if you have been on DiyDrones you will know 3DRobotics and quite a few others have the follow-me working pretty well (at least in open areas).  Very curious about your avoidance - I use ultrasonic on slower ground robots and you are correct it's to short range.  Now LidarLite gives you 50meter - and at $99 I don't think that is too expensive to save your $500 and up quad from running into a tree.  Just curious for more details

  • I wonder how many of the people who scream about privacy invasion from drones will run out and buy a follow me drone and post the videos on social media?

  • Should've called it the "me-too"

  • Our team were professional flying control solution provider,our flying control system now sold more than 50K pcs already, and most of them sold to USA..We tested in huge times with the following function and optimizte always...We think its acceptable by customer..For sure, we were also developing collision detection, by ultrasonic the reaction of the drone is not so fast and by lazer the cost is too much...We were finding the best balancing way to achieve this..tks bro for your very kindly suggestion..

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