Whats up yall. So there will be profanity in this post. If you have small children have them look away now.

I am on my last wit here. If this cannot get fixed, I will post a video of me blowing up this f*****g quad in some shape or form. All work Flawlessly and the issue came out of absolute nowhere.

So............. New Motors, New ESC's, ALL new wiring. Only the bare essentials connected. Reinstalled Pixhawk firmware. Re-Flashed pixhawk. Re-Flashed Devo Transmitter. Tested quad with pre-arm off. Re calibration of pixhawk. Tried again. Removed power module. Powering pixhawk with 5v leads from ESC's.

The quad cannot leave the ground......It seems as if the quad is EXTREMELY under powered. When at full throttle, the thing runs for a few more seconds, then a full blackout. I mean FULL blackout. ESC's, Flight Controller. even with the battery connected. To power back on, The battery needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help.....................................for god's f*****g sake.

P.S. I intended on using more profanity.....

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    • as someone who has learnt the hard way over and over again, it is very rarely worth it to buy a cheap clone and save a few bucks at the expense of spending hours, days, weeks trouble shooting.

      If you work out your hourly rate at mucking around, it soon pays to just do it properly the first time.

      Some people have had no issue at all with those clones, but other's have had no end of trouble.

      • +1, swap in a APM 2.6 clone and see if it happens otherwise it sounds like a faulty Pixhawk clone; good luck on the refund ;)

    • I think that is correct that the rail on the Pixhawk is not powered. I have seen in documentation that if you need to power a servo, you also need to provide power to the rail for that. The rail ground is connected to the rest of the PH system, though I don't think it is rated for very much current, as that should be sinked by the external power.

      • So that rail shouldn't have 5v across the whole?....

        • MR60

          The rail provides 5V but with very limited amperage. When it is said to add a BEC on the servo rail, this is just to cover the amperage needed by devices connected on it, like servos. But if you just have a receiver, Pixhawk's rail provides enough power.

          About your issue, it is certainly your board is faulty. Try another one to confirm this and as Chris said, beware of clones quality that can be good but also bad.

          • Yup, it's right that there is no 5V along the middle rail of the pixhawk. As per documentation, only the RCout is powered.

            If the board totally shuts off when you apply full throttle then it has to be a power problem. I don't understand how a faulty board would cause this. 

            So when you check the 5V on RC OUT before, during and after the full throttle - what do you see?

            • there is no voltage across that RCout. and by RCout i assue you mean the main out section?

              • Do you have a multi-meter.
                Just trying different things doesn't usually solve a problem.
                You need to measure some voltages and currents from various places when you fire up and actually experience the problem.

                For example, does the voltage to the pixhawke drop when you power up the motors or does it remain constant.

                Have you tried doing a motor test, can you power up individual motors to high speed ok, or is it only when all of them power up.

                What is the current drain on your battery at idle and when you power up?

  • Have you tuned the PIDs at all? That might be hard to do with the power not working, but check the initial PID settings and see if they are too low to allow it to move. I had an issue that caused autotune to lower my PIDs to levels so low that it couldn't even hold itself off the ground.

    • At this point  I don't think it's a programming error...Some power test prove some funy shtuff is going on within the pixhawk RC rails. 

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