i'm having difficulties with streaming the video to my android application i'm developing

i have hooked up an raspberry pi 2 with a cam, and it also streaming through gstreamer.

i know its possible to integrate gstreamer on android but i don't know how? 

anyone done this yet? 

or does anyone have another solution ? for low latency streaming

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AirPiControl from befinitiv or QtGStreamer HUD from Patrick Duffy on google play, works well for me.

thanks for your reply but those two are not opensource, which is a sham cause their really nice.

but i need a solution to play it in my own application.

it's for my school project, so i need to develop it my self.

with kind regards 

thanks paul you have pushed me in the right direction,

today i succeeded to play a http stream to my android device with almost no latency.

for people in the future this post helped me alot


with kinds regards

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